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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 7, 2012 8:08 AM Flag

    ABX and auditors = Chile caught re: Pascua fraud

    Exchanges were dupped.

    TESOROS concessions were never Barrick owned assets.

    Banks were taken and accomplices of ABX to con the system, criminal acts shall meet the harshest punishment at law, that Chile has to offer to commercial crimes.

    How indicent of shameful ABX executives to brag about Pascua 2013 when in Chile ABX is castrated of Pascua.

    is like Pascua 2000 it never happenned

    Nor did Pascua 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010,2012, why 2013?

    Peter Munk is Chile bound and this time you will attend riminal Courts only, Peter. It was written.

    His entourage shall be the same clowns peddling Pascua PONZI SCHEEME plus regulators at TSX BCSC and NYSE

    Plus financial clowns to cite where did they get their ABX FRADMENTALS

    ABX shall kiss off Chile forever the way it looks.

    Any asset sale, shall be monitored, enforced as crimes to Buyer and seller shoiuld ABX unload oine Chile asset.

    ABX is now under the watchful eye of Chilean law.

    anything they do, say or lie, shall be used against them immediately at PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME criminal proceedings which appear to be under full speed in Chile

    Barrick is liable to the shareholders of MWR MSX 100% as Barrick lied against them December 21, 2011 as proven in Chile now.

    The courts look bent on acting at law, unshakeable v. ABX.

    Barrick sent rookies to jump Pascua areas recently and were rejected by court decisions on defense filings by a Mr. Lopehandia legal team.

    Absurd to have new claims for Barrick Chile boys, in areas ABX bought from LAC 1994. It evidences further criminal activity indeed.

    There is something going on in Chile Pascua claims area, ABX team has shown to be tossing bogus claim after bogus claim, even Randall Oliphant has his XTRATA clients intruding nearby Pascua. why?

    Is there a secret not yet told ABX?

    All free zone tax paradise executives and ABX executives worldwide stand to be called to Chile very fast now to respond for their collective crimes of impersonation of ownership, title and machinations against injunction C-1912-2001 in full contempt at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL and since 2001 to date trading stolen asset and titles.

    last one out, shut off the lights please

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