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  • dedrapop dedrapop May 15, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    ABX - How Short Sellers Fleece Investors

    Look - "Price is set by supply and demand, and when the supply of stocks available for sale is artificially high, the price drops. When the bear raiders are successful, they are able to buy back the stock to cover their short sales at a price that is artificially low." - what they do on a daily basis using phantom shares. They "fail to deliver" way to many times in the most crucial times.

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    • See:

      "Enough fails–to–deliver in a given stock will get that stock on the SHO list, (the SEC's list of stocks that have excessive fails–to–deliver)—which should (but rarely does) see increased enforcement. Penalties amount to a slap on the wrist, so large fails–to–deliver positions for victim companies have remained for months and years."

      The SHO list for the NYSE is here:

      *IF* ABX had this problem of naked short selling driving down the stock price significantly, you would see it appear on this list ... it does not.

      So, while the article you linked to was interesting reading, IMO "phantom shares" is not the reason for why ABX share price has been continuing to drop. Perhaps capitulation and not enough buyers is the real reason, rather than naked short sellers?

      Anyways ... if you are long, just hold ... come January 2013 ABX stock will be back up. Who knows where the bottom is ... I thought we had hit it already, but clearly not. I may buy more ABX tomorrow.

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