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  • binnybeoris binnybeoris Jul 13, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    So the market soars because the world is falling apart...???

    I really think this is interesting. Investors love the fact that China is only slowing down as fast 'as expected'... so? And Italian debt gets downgraded to absolute junk. So investors go wild and start buying everything. Just shows how crazy and emotional it really is. Good luck.

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    • Looks like manipulation to me. Every country is in deep stuff. Remember the US also lost its AAA rating too. We are flooded with debt and NOTHING is being done to get us out. The healthcare law, if it's not repealed, will only creat more trillions of spending. The markets rally and suddenly everything is OK again. It will be back down again.
      Precious metals IMO are the only safe haven. Stock up on lots of beans too because you cant eat gold or silver.

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      • Valid observations.
        You can't eat PM's.
        As far as the trillions that will be required to fund Obama Care, well the solution is simple.
        Put more lip stick on the Pig.

        Really, Whom in the right mind would invest in Bonds at a negative rate.

        Obmama Care is the least of the worries.

        The problem is ... the approach ... "It is what it is".

        Everybody is broke.

        No body cares.

        Give me more credit. As long as I can access more, I can keep the ball rolling, until things improve.

        When that will be, and what the parameters of that "recovery", will be, is anyone's guess.

        Just keep shorting.

        There was some one on this board, "Just shorted a bunch more at $32.05".

        My God are you daft?

        It doesn't matter, the banksters are gonna take your money.
        Know why?
        Because they need it desperately.
        And the Administration will let them.

        You know, I will just hang around and take the 2% on ABX.
        And if the shorts really get brave, I will take another bite of the apple.

        Have a good weekend.
        And it is what it is.
        My God, what ever happened to America?
        Oh I know, Dancing with the Stars and American Idle.
        "Idle" being the operative word, if You get my drift.

        As for the other posters on this board.
        What kinda of an existence You must have.
        To brag about shorting 200 shares, on borrowed money.

        Good luck boys.

        Stay outta the markets and keep your money.
        The time to buy is coming, but it isn't now.

        Sincerely CK

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