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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 24, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    ABX spam is futile FRAUD DEFENSE read this

    ABX bozo defenders wrote

    "Lets see; the JL/MSX comedy team claims Barrick is engaged in widespread fraud, yet JL/MSX Pumpers thinks they can rely on Barricks studies and drill result... I HOPE THE BCSC IS PAYING ATTENTION AND SEE'S THE IRONY. "


    1. Geology and drilling are done by specialists NOT by ABX paper shufflers and corrupt insiders.

    2. Las assay of the drilled samples and cores is done by independents, NOT by the SEC + OSC book tampering crooks of ABX

    3. Reporting of reserves and 43101 were executed by independent firms. NOT by thieves at Barrick.

    4. All above data shall be redelivered to its rightful owners, JL/MSX by Chilean/Canada courts when summoned from ABX thieves or the ones that produced it. ALL RECORDS.

    5. BCSC and TSX have been helping Barrick v. MSX and now they are liable for it, for abetting and helping a PUBLIC EXCHANGE FRAUUD.

    6. Barrick shall be oredered in court to surrender its 43101 to MSX and JL.

    7. Barrick is out of the legal loop at Pascua and you are a crook, how about that?

    Barrick has a 43101 in MSX areas without title.

    MSX has the areas titled and shall force all data in.

    Who is winning at Pascua?

    Pascua is ABX largest book asset since its inception.

    Peter Munk got skunked by MSX and JL at Pascua.

    That is a fact ABX crooked management and ownership.

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    • Logically, it stands to reason that once ABX removes the stolen asset of Tesoro claim group from Barricks 43-101 and 6K, we investors will also expect Barrick to remove the reserves off the books as well. This goes for all areas covered by the 2011 Restituted Amarillo Norte and Amarillo Sur areas at Pascua.

      I also would expect ABX to have Issues that relate to the Pascua Pama Protocol as its obvious they included areas in that protocol that they don't own.

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