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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 7, 2012 9:12 PM Flag

    PATRICK GARVER criminal coward fled ABX

    After swindling SLW at PASCUA PONZI

    PATRICK GARVER is the liar Affiant of Barrick v. Jorge Lopehandia at Canadian Internet libel proceedings where Barrick lied v. Lopehandia.

    2012 Barrick is caught on the run, unable to retort itself to MSX legal challenges.

    resorting to less than intellectual PAID BOARD CLOWNS & JESTERS

    check mate ABX remember MSX has your numbers at Pascua 2012

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    • Patrick Garver's former law firm in Salt Lake fought Kanco Stockholders in the 1990s on the ABX Bullfrog Mine TITLE. WOW, Jorge, Kanco owned the mining claims and yet the property was mined between July, 1989 and closed down in 2003.

      So what TITLE Villar has means nothing to the US SEC now that Mr. ABX Mike Fitzgerald is exposed. And Fitz and Brent Johnson worked together between 1995-1998. Then Fitz moved to Tucson, AZ.

      Garver was hired in December, 1993 because Dr. H. Clyde Davis PhD signed a Quit-Claim, deeding TITLE to Kanco Energy. So between 12/1993 Garver worked with Fitzgerald against the DAVIS'/Kanco until I met Brent Johnson in Utah in March, 2010 (after Jorge was secretly, securities violaation paid his first $10,000). Then Garver resigned on June 30, 2010.

      Garver had a hey day with Jorge until MWR/MSX agreed to Joint Venture with Kanco Jorge is going to jail for Securities Fraud, claiming his title is superior to Villar!

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