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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 8, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    ABX SEC books to Chile Trials at once!! Peter!!!!


    ABX insiders shall not be able to leave Chile without criminal charges 2012. 100% accurate prediction.

    ABX insiders will not find their INVENTED OWNERSHIP OR TITLES at Pascua Lama fiasco, not 2012, not 2002 when suing Mina Pascua owner for INTERNET LIBEL in Canada and worldwide.

    Never, titles that allow Gold exploitation with LAC'S 1994 concessions of salts and nitrates...

    Chile has now been called upo as a country and Government, to tend its documents to see how permits were arrived at in such a BOGUS title fraud of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION.

    Chile has a special interest TO KNOW.

    What did the previous administration do to HELP BARRICK'S PASCUA FRAUD?

    stay tuned as ABX collapses in Chile.

    play by play will be called... as Courts release lethal info. regarding ABX's ill aspirations to steal MINA PASCUA from Jorge Lopehandia and MSX in Canada.

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    • although I believe you, i do not believe the cowards at abx would ever show their face in Chile as they would be scared of jail so they will probably blame of what is coming on the Chilean Subsiduary I would think

      • 1 Reply to island_looker
      • True, Chile officers are first fodder for the courts at PASCUA PONZI.

        Nevertheless, the master minders are at ABX Toronto HQ's.

        Also, dependent of SEC in USA and FAS - LE - UK.

        Not to leave out RCMP-IMET/Scotland Yard and IRS/FBI.

        I think that poly jurisdictional actions are about to blow in the open as ABX silently is being dumped, consumed to the ashes by its own insiders...

        "all is nice at ABX - built to last" "Hurray Hurray - no Y2K"

        or is it really?

        CIVIL RICO daily trades at SLW and ABX at Pascua fraud, shall bring the cards castle down at the first blow at Chilean courts 2012.

        As on record, thus far for ABX's liars.

        A jail in Canada or USA a la Conrad Black will do quite fine.

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