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  • kosikc kosikc Nov 8, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Good volume again today

    Au is trending up again.
    Value cycle is intact.
    2% plus dividend to wait around.
    Look out when mgmt raises the return to shareholders.
    Anybody shorting this stock is playing a mugs game.
    You may as well go buy futurescontracts.

    They (Barrick) will get control of the capex.
    The fundementals in gold suggest this stock will be a cha-ching!
    So what, they missed on costs, they will produce to maximize cash flows.
    What does that mean kids?
    Takeovers in the form of acquistions.
    Why should ABX be different then the FED?
    Their shares are like currency, and the more oz's under foot means cash.
    This is not without blood sweat and tears.
    If it was easy to produce gold we would all be doing it, right?
    Gold miners are the place to be for the long term.

    Fiscal cliff.
    Are You kidding me.
    Wall street wants to hold us for ransom, again.
    When Obamma won the election, and there was no doubt He would, the US set in motion the biggest devaluation in the history of mankind.
    Can you say Zimbabwa ...
    The hyper-inflation is the only way out.
    And all the principles have been promised their gold, where do you think these guys will get it.

    I bet you dollars to doughnuts that the bars they gave Chavez were still HOT!
    They don't have it, pure and simple.
    And that means they have to come up with the oz's outta the ground.

    So please short the stock, I use the volatility to get shares - cheap.
    God Bless these numb skulls that play the paper Gold market.


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