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  • akiva1234 akiva1234 Nov 26, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    Whats next 30 or 40???

    Can you elaborate? What is so broken about them? Thanks.

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    • Inept management, soaring costs, inept management, declining earnings, inept management, pathetic dividend, inept management...etc I could go on but Yahoo must have a limit on how big a post can be. Look at it this way - 3 years ago ABX was trading at $41 and gold was $1100. Today gold is $1750 and ABX is trading under $35. That almost seems out of the realm of possibility for that to happen but those are the facts. Perception is reality and the miners are perceived to have the worst management in any sector. Thus, any rally is immediately sold into and new shorts enter the fray driving the price back down. The miners are for a trade only, not an investment. There will be a rally here and there but their share price always ends up going back down. Don't fight other people's perception of something just because you may not see it that way. Best of luck to you.

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      • ABX is trading on fears of a recession - once the fiscal cliff is resolved, and it becomes apparent that the U.S. won't fall back into recession, ABX will start going up again. ABX is not (yet) being traded on its earnings power, mainly because $GLD is a more attractive investment for those who want exposure to gold ... but the long-term trend of gold above $1600/oz will continue, and eventually the gold mining stocks have to catch up with that. If you are long (like me), just hold, you will (eventually) be rewarded. This will be a $50/share stock by the end of 2013, and once Pascua Lama starts producing, IMO it can go up to $80/share.

        Sentiment: Hold

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