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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 20, 2012 4:55 PM Flag

    Not even the fiscal cliff SCAM scares people into USELESS golds and silvers.....


    ....and although every SMART market pro knows the whole fiscal cliff NONSENSE is a PHONY contrivance utilized by Wall Street scumsters to scare nervous grandmas, NO-balls wimps, and she-males into buying loads of WORTHLESS PUTS in various quality Dow and Nasdaq stocks.....nevertheless, even the "fear" of this fiscal cliff babble FAILED to send a single notable dollar into the sector.

    Ergo, ladies, again, as I proved many times previously, the USELESS golds and silvers NO longer offer any kind of "flight to safety," and if they NO longer perform that function, they are effectively WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS.

    Ladies, we are on the verge of a PANIC SELL WAVE that will ERASE 90% of ABX market value in a heartbeat, along with every other USELESS gold or silver you can name.

    So much for your fable gold and silver "bull" market, huh, ladies????


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    • There has been a rumor going around that the Comex is in negotiations in the take over Quartz Creek and Indian River mines in the Yukon.
      Apparently, the Hoffman's are in talks with Comex and the word is out about the production at these two locations.
      More specifically, the reported number of ounces produced (to date) have been grossly understated.
      The actual production was in the hundreds of millions of ounces and that they (the Hoffman's) have contractually promised to supply the COMEX to meet all longs "standing for delivery". Although, the actual physical gold has not been shipped to the COMEX vaults at this time.

      This is where the issue becomes interesting from a legal point of view, per IRS spokesperson.
      "If you have a promise to pay, we cannot actually tax the transaction until the contract is fulfilled."
      There is so much gold being produced at these locations, that the price has been MANIPULATED.
      The United States Justice Department is looking into this matter, as the price of gold has been going down too rapidly and they (the Hoffman's) have been ordered to appear in front of Congress to answer to these allegations.

      When I contacted the Hoffman's, who are in the Caymen Islands, they would not answer my questions on the issue. The only response from them (The Hoffman's) was "What are you complaining about? We PROMISED to give the COMEX the gold in the "future", and the payments where for that promise. We needed the USD, what? you expected us to give you our gold? ... Todd Hoffman further stated that Gold is money, but we needed USD to fly out here and order some drinks, so buzz off. Besides our accountant said that if it works for the COMEX and for the banks, why can't it work for us?" i.e.promise to pay.

      So there you have it folks, fake gold can influence the market, false numbers can convince the sheeple that electronic blips are in fact defacto (gold) money, but it is difficult to argue with the Hoffman's ... when they state that ..... GOLD IS MONEY!
      So in conclusion Insect, if I can call you that, well actually your more like a rat - NO, a roach.
      And I do mean that with all due respect, basically none.
      Manipulation only works for a time. And when it no longer works, well, you rot in hell.
      Or at least You end up with a lump of coal in your stocking. lol.

      Gold is money, the ultimate money, and the arbitary number associated with it in dollars, euro's or Yen mean nothing, what matters is VALUE.

      And if ABX ever pays me my dividend, I think I'll buy a case of bug repellent

      And.... to, one and all ...
      I hope You-all have a safe and happy Christmas.

    • Lady, you are a total insect idiot. Gold is a real currency, fiat currency is not. Central banks (as well as governments, like Russia) have been accumulating gold. Fiat currency debasement will continue for the foreseeable future, so the price of gold will stay high. Anyways, there is no direct relation between the price of gold and the ABX share value, so get lost, your posts are not relevant on this board. G'day, LADY. WORTHLESS INSECT #$%$.

      Sentiment: Hold

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