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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 14, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    mtstack Gold prices reveal BARRICK PASCUA FRAUD TIMELINE mostly 100%

    Gold went to 800 when Russia took over Afghanistan not so when US did it, why?

    Gold was manipulated 1995-1996 until June 2001 shamelessly, last at bat, Central Banks playing games with ABX in Gold rental plans, were caught by Goldbugs, 20 times subscribed the Central Banks dumps against physical Gold prices, saw the escalation you posted in Gold 2001 to date.

    Why 2001 so significantly cut the legs on Gold dumps?

    2001 was the year BARRICK was stopped at Pascua by C-1912-2001 valid to date.

    The day the markets felt it to date.

    spikes in Gold prices?
    Dumps of shares by ABX insiders and on-side-rs?
    bailouts from politicians and executives or Advisory Board - prominent members perhaps?

    they also appear tied to key dates on Chilean judicial decisions negating Pascua v. Barrick at Pascua fraud, which were kept hidden or fought in silence very vigorously by Barrick to date, when it all has exploded, regardless of clowns like you mtstack mthanded at ABX's Pascua Ponzi.

    Average gold prices per year per Kitco:
    1994 - 384.00
    1995 - 383.79
    1996 - 387.81 ### AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE get life Gold surged as ABX knew it.
    1997 - 331.02
    1998 - 294.24
    1999 - 278.98
    2000 - 279.11
    2001 - 271.04### Wow caught again as C-1912-2001 injunction comes to life, Gold surges again.!+
    2002 - 309.73
    2003 - 363.38
    2004 - 409.72
    2005 - 444.74
    2006 - 603.46### Wow caught again Gold over doubled at Maria Isabel Reyes Judgment year eh? ABX!
    2007 - 695.39
    2008 - 871.96
    2009 - 972.35
    2010 - 1,224.53### wow doubled again at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE affirmation of 2006 Judgment.
    2011 - 1,571.52
    2012 - 1,668.98

    ### Wow we stand to see Gold shatter 2000 USD per Troy ounce and Barrick still does not open Pascua, still rigging prices and what? no mine? due to low Gold prices?


    The following is the relevant part of Barrick's timeline per their 2009 43-101:? with TESOROS on it?

    "1994 Barrick acquires LAC; or LAC acquires Barrick?

    March 2009 Updated Feasibility Study completed; and

    May 7, 2009 Barrick announces Protocol Tax Agreement between Argentina and
    Chile and subsequent Board approval to commence development of the Project."

    This TAX AGREEMENT died December 31, 2012 Chile - Argentina killed it.

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    • PascuaForensicks, as you so much believe in MSX and disbeieve in ABX, you may just put all the money into long MSX or short ABX, and then wait for your "huge fortune" upon vindication.

    • LOL Yes, I understand. According to you, absolutely everything supports your position. Low gold prices, high gold prices. It doesn't really matter. Please, do not let my facts get in the way of your delusions.

      Although, you might want to actually post the UTM coordinates of the fabulous ore deposit that you say is on the disputed claims, and indicate what claim(s) it is on. I asked Voodoo for this information, but he couldn't (wouldn't) supply it.

      And if you can't supply this information, then some MSX shareholder should ask this question at the MSX AGM. The answer should prove very interesting.

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