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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 25, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    ABX Lost Pascua ore body 2001 to injunction C-1912-2001 = fraud filed by ABX at SEC+OSC


    Still not recovered 2001-2013 MINA PASCUA ORE BODY IS READY TO ABANDON ABX'S BOOKS.

    Filed AS A FRAUD 1996-2013, at SEC-OSC criminally and fraudulently as concessions, owned by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATOION via:

    1. LAC MINERALS ex Chile subsidiary MINERA NEVADA S.A replaced by MINERA NEVAD LIMITADA, replaced by MINERA NEVAD SpA (laundering names & corps + PASCUA title doctored ABX documents)

    Concession AMARILLOS 1-3000 bought 1994 from LAC MINERALS by ABX. here Peter Munk salted PASCUA LAMA for these are salts & nitrates concessions only, 1978-2013. Unable to exploit Gold, Silver.

    2. TESOROS concessions filed by ABX at SEC + OSC as owned, are not an asset of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION - ABX, not as doctored and fraudulently filed with OSC March 2011 as 6K form.
    ABX fraudulent impersonated ownership of PASCUA ORE BODY via TESOROS concessions.


    2012 at Vallenar VCourts MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA and MINERA NEVADA SpA admitted not to own titles, certified domain or written Agreements with TESOROS. Leaving ABX naked at Pascua ORE BODY 1997 - 2013.

    3. BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION sued Jorge Lopehandia in Canada 2002 criminally sustaining Barrick owned AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE cocnessions stolen from Lopehandia's land man engineer Villar.

    2012 BARRICK via its Chile subsidiaries was unable to show legitimate title again, just like at TESOROS concessions. When confronted with title where it counts ABX peed its pants and run!!

    mtstack empty stories allowing Barrick to keep playing a sick game of thievery... were confronted by Chile and Argentina, December 31, 2012 the bi national TAX TREATY was stopped, so Barrick better tell the truth... how much money was spent in Chile? 2001 - 2013 if still under Injunction C-1912-2001 to NOT ENTER PASCUA ORE BODY AREAS?

    Did Barrick close Pascua a USF150 minus cost per Gold oz. due to LOW GOLD PRICES or low chances of clean title?

    MSX is making Bar5rick beat the dust at Pascua 2013, criminal charges are piling up v. ABX Chile sibsidiaries and executives.

    Peter Munk is invited to capitulate as another BERN MADDOF like gangster of financial markets

    so is mtstack furball sd and all its jesters and fraudulent board clowns

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