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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 22, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    ABX selling CIVIL RICO re Chile FRAUD, worldwide. Must fold like BRE-X + ENRON re PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    WARMING your wallet is being pillaged with phony papers and pseudo contracts + CRIMINALLY CHARGED PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL

    Peter Munk, your days of freedom are counted and ye shall join in BERN MADDOF and that is a promise to be promptly delivered to the world.

    USA SEC-NYSE + TSX - OSC are a of this minute LIABLE to all investors worldwide who trusted TSX + NYSE to REGULATE the crooks of Barrick. unfortunately ABX got the MADDOF look the other way by REGULATORS

    Hence they should be jailed and pay as much as ABX crooks have to.

    These are the regulators that hand slap and tend the hand forward pockets wide open, to punich scammers at STOCK EXCHANGES

    What a shame to the history of the Planet Earth and pseudo FINANCIAL MARKETS more like a RIGGED GAME of the rich powerful and famous to deplete wealth AT WILL from innocent unsuspecting investors

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on the regulators that failed to enforce ABX crimes 1996-2013, they are now PART OF THE CRIMES and as liable as ABX to the investing public.

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