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  • dedrapop dedrapop Mar 5, 2013 3:57 AM Flag

    Stock Market Manipulation To The Extreme…

    There is not much new that I would like to talk about now as I did point to certain major and minor turning points in my previous post. The minor one is due on March 4th or 5th which could be a top (or bottom?). I also want to mention that it might be delayed for a couple of days as we are currently experiencing heavily manipulation in the market right now. Regardless, it’s just a possibility and please remember that it is supposed to be a little pull-back (assuming the “turn” is to the downside and not to the upside?) and then the run-up might continue into late May when the great crash and a series of panic declines are due.

    Well, it is generally true when we say “everything is consciousness” but actually this is the consciousness of smart money which dominates the financial markets. The patterns in the charts are the result of the energy being vibrated harmonically and the smart money is already aware of that for sure. In fact, they know exactly when to buy and to sell. It’s a buy while the dumb money sells, it’s a sell while the dumb money buys. You may assume now what they are doing currently is trying to suck in as many retail traders as they can.

    The smart money is buying more and more in the market trying to attract as many buyers as they can as they want this market going up higher so badly… and then at the right point and at the right time they will sell short wiping out all of the buyers as the smart money has already leaned how to read the cycles accurately. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them… join’em! Meaning, with the current manipulation in the market right now this “minor turn” might not produce very much selling… so it could be wiser to just stay in cash until May (if you are a bear) or use any pullback to go long into the May top (following the smart money that is currently pushing the market higher). by reddragonleo

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