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  • bdannye bdannye Mar 10, 2013 10:14 PM Flag

    abx criminals are going down


    EXCLUSIVE: David VS Goliath – Shocking Claims Against Barrick Gold

    Chilean miner Jorge Lopehandia joins us, along with Bullion Bulls Canada’s Jeff Nielson, to cover Lopehandia’s shocking claims against Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold producer. Jorge alleges that Barrick Gold used unethical and potentially illegal actions in the attempt to strip control of Jorge’s Chilean mine claims at Pascua Lama in Chile.

    The allegations, if true, could not only end Barrick’s quest for gold on the Pascua Lama property (one of the largest gold reserves on earth), it could bankrupt Barrick altogether, and potentially help release the price of gold from the clutches of the precious metals price fixing cartel. Jorge claims that Barrick, in cahoots with criminal bank HSBC, has sold millions of ounces of Pascua Lama gold into the market, while to date, never having mined a single ounce of gold from the property.

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    • 2013-02-19 21:32 ET - News Release

      Mr. Brent Johnson reports


      Mountainstar Gold Inc. has issued the following update to its shareholders to provide a historical summary and clarify title ownership (1996 to 2013), of Mina Pascua, Chile.

      As of February 1, 2013, the Company's lawyer, Mr. Alan G.S. Hultman, received clean titles to the Mina Pascua, Chile, mining concessions. The Mina Pascua titles were issued by the Mines Registrar of Vallenar, signed and sealed by Vallenar's Mines Commissioner (Conservador de Minas) Mr. Pablo Cortes Olquin, for Mr. Ricardo Olivares Pizarro on January 16, 2013. The Conservador de Minas Vallenar, is the sole person in Chile, at this date, with full legal jurisdiction over the Mina Pascua concessions, their title, and confirmation of certified domain.

      These titles were authenticated by the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. They have been validated by the Canadian Embassy in Santiago, Chile.

      The Conservador de Minas, Vallenar, issued title with clean Certificado de Dominio Vigente (Current Certified Dominion), over the following Mina Pascua Project areas in Chile:

      1. Tesoros Uno 1 al 30 through to Tesoros Doce 1 al 5-- Mr. Jorge Lopehandia is legal title holder as of 2013. Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), or its Chilean subsidiaries, have never had title for these concessions. False statements from executives of Barrick's Chilean subsidiaries, concerning these titles, have led to criminal charges being applied, accepted and enforced in Chile. Lawyers representing Barrick's Chilean subsidiaries, at Vallenar's 2nd Civil Court in 2012, admitted to not owning Tesoros titles or domain. This falsification of the Pascua Lama Protocol has initiated further criminal charges.

      2. Amarillos Norte (5200 hectares) and Amarillos Sur (3400 hectares)--owned since 1996 by Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes through his mining agent Mr Villar. These Amarillos titles were in existence before the Tesoros concessions of 1997. The Tesoros titles were constituted after Minera Nevada SpA swindled Mr. Lopehandia and Mr. Villar of their existing claims. The Amarillos titles have had an injunction in place by the Supreme Court of Chile, as of June 5, 2001, showing Mr. Jorge Lopehandia Cortes as the registered title holder through to this date.

      Mr. Lopehandia was sued by Barrick Gold Corp. regarding ownership of the Amarillos concessions in Ontario, Canada 2002. Barrick won this libel case against Mr. Lopehandia with false title claims and letters of opinion. Minera Nevada SpA then used this information to attack Mr. Lopehandia in court proceedings in Vallenar in 2012, at the 2nd Civil Court, in an effort to discredit Mr. Lopehandia. This court proceeding took place to strike out the Amarillos 1-3000 titles (the salts and nitrates claims owned by Minera Nevada SpA) from the Chilean Mines Registrar.

      At this proceeding Mr. Lopehandia was able to show his Amarillos Sur and Norte titles. The judge then requested Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), and its Chilean subsidiaries to produce the same. Barrick failed to produce the Amarillos Sur or Norte titles in its or its Chilean subsidiaries' names.

      Amarillos Sur and Norte were validated by judicial judgment by the Supreme Court of Chile. This judgment ordered that both sectors be reconstituted at the original 1996 UTM coordinates. These claims override the ABX / Lac Minerals 1994-2013 Amarillos 1-3000 concessions (for salts and nitrates only).

      With the injunction C-1912-2013 in Mr. Jorge Lopehandia's name, the Amarillos Sur and Norte concessions engulf and override the Tesoros claims of Hector Unda Llanos, which have now also been legally titled in Mr. Jorge Lopehandia's name 2001-2013.

      The Tesoros concessions are inside the area of Amarillos Sur, and are considered to be the areas of greatest geological interest to Mina Pascua, Chile.

      The continuation of the assertion of Barrick Gold Corporation's ownership of the Tesoros claims with the SEC and OSC, is misleading to the NYSE and TSX stock exchanges, and the investing public. Barrick's filings with the SEC and OSC are fraudulent, and libel Mountainstar Gold Inc. and Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes.

    • Catalino Albanez Vergara, Ingeniero Ejecución en Minas [T.N.: This appears to mean Mining Enforcement Engineer; hereinafter I.E.M.], Expert Mine Surveyor since 1980 and Court-accredited Expert for the Appeals Court of La Serena, domiciled at “Pasaje Los Olivos 955”, La Serena, hereby states:

      "1.-Nevada Mining Company 1994


      THE AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000.-This mineral deposit (PASCUA-LAMA project) is located inside of the AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000 mining properties and it is in turn located within the groups of mining properties TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN, where they are located as shown in the report presented to COREMA and the pertinent entities and public opinion for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding sectoral permits for the development of the mineral deposit denominated PASCUA-LAMA, which is complemented with photographs from “GEOGLE” [presumably “GOOGLE”] showing the whole yellow mountain (alteration deposit) which is also mentioned in the official Survey Record, in the chapter entitled “Acceso al HM” [Access to HM]; the same is described in later surveys of the TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN groups.

      2.-In a law suit at Santiago’s Fourteenth Civil Court, “rol No. C-1912”, corresponding to year 2001, entitled “VILLAR con COMPAÑÍA”, where a precautionary measure was granted covering mining properties AMARILLOS NORTE and AMARILLOS SUR; this precautionary measure also included the groups of mining properties TESORO ONE up through the groups of mining properties TESORO TWELVE, which also comprise the same land occupied by properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 – 3000 and similarly comprise land area within AMARILLOS SUR (1996 – 2011) which fully cover the original location of the PASCUA-LAMA Project whose registrations are up to date at the Vallenar Registrar of Mines, bearing the following marginal notes.-

      * Precautionary measure granted by Santiago’s 14th Civil Court, which includes a prohibition on carrying out acts and executing contracts affecting these properties
      ** On the margin of these registrations, which I have before me at this time, is a registration in the name of Mr. JORGE R. LOPEHANDIA, dated on JUNE 15, 2011.
      *** All these documents are up to date and were granted by the Vallenar Registrar of Mines and dated on JUNE 15, 2011....."

      "The outcome is that all the groups of TESORO mining properties are cleared of all encumbrances and the mining properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 through 3000, affected by the overlap, are declared extinguished."

      "3.-The PASCUA-LAMA Project was throughout its life initiated, housed, protected and located inside of the mining properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 through 3000, and these properties, as I described in a previous TECHNICAL REPORT, have been affected for more than 4 years by an overlap in the groups of surveys of the TESORO ONE through TESORO TWELVE mining properties, itemized above.

      4.-I have before me the Official Gazette of the Republic of Chile for Saturday, December 11, 2004, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [.-]

      Amongst other mining properties, they mention the mining properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 through 3000, whose status has already been described.
      Also mentioned are the TWELVE groups of mining properties TESORO ONE through TESORO TWELVE, comprising a total surface area of [blank] hectares; their status has also already been described and they belong to Mr. HECTOR UNDA LLANOS according to a document granted by the Vallenar Registrar of Mines and bearing the date June 15, 2011, and on its margin appear the words property of Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes.

      CONCLUSIONS REGARDING LEGAL TITLE AUTHORITY AS AT JUNE 15, 2011. To this date there are no valid marginal annotations on these title deeds in the name of Barrick Gold Corporation-ABX of Canada, Barrick Chile or Minera Nevada Limitada, according to an original copy of same which I have before me. The original 2011 copy DOES certify by means of a marginal annotation the litigious rights of Mr. Jorge R. Lopehandia Cortes as the first-claim legal right to title.

      FINAL CONCLUSION - The properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 through 3000 and TESOROS should not have been included in the list of mining properties as being the property of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION-ABX of Canada, due to the fact that these properties have not been nor are they now registered in the name of said firm at the Registrar of Mines of the City of Vallenar, in the Atacama Region, Republic of Chile, in conformity with Chilean law. Moreover, these title deeds could not have been transferred or sold or contracted in any manner whether in Chile or abroad due to the fact that a prohibition is in place, granted by a Chilean Court which prohibits the carrying out of actions or execution of contracts."

    • People rarely seek the truth. Instead, they prefer an interesting story that confirms their biases.

      • 3 Replies to mtstack2000
      • How do you like Barricks Pascua Lama story so far? I think it's an award winning fiction.

      • That's why Barick has a story about Pascua Lama and is NOT mining. Remember Barrick was building Pascua in 1997 for $500 million, Production in 2000. It all recorded in Barricks book of lies each year for the past 17 years.

        The real reason for Barrick not opening Pascua is because Barrick never owned the mining rights for the extraction of the gold. Pure fraud by ABX, just look at Barricks SEC 6K and 43-101 and you will see Barrick recorded Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 as owned by ABX when those titles are injunctioned by the Chile courts and are now registered on its margins as being the Property of Jorge Lopehandia. Amarillo 1-3000 is defective salt and nitrate titles and dead under Tesoro titles.

        As we know from expert technical reports from mining survayors reconized as experts by the Chile Court of Appeals and Chiles mining authority SERNAGEOMIN and court records by Barrick legal representatives, the Pascua Lama deposit is located on Tesoro and in turn located on Amarillo 1-3000 which Jorge Lopehandia has legal certified domain and clean titles over.

        All Barrick has is the preception of owning Pascua, Chile. Barrick is faking ownership and needs to remove their fraudulent titles they do not own off of Barricks SEC 6K and OSC 43-101 fraudulent filings.

      • sure got that right !

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