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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 12, 2013 1:04 AM Flag

    ABX farud= False opening of PASCUA 1997-2014 FALSE JOBS, FAKE GOLD, FAKE SILVER+TITLES= ponzi

    There are no jobs in Chile taht are worth the PASCUA PONZI SCAM tunnels to nowhere to carry what? rocks? Barrick lost PASCUA and that is lethal to ABX books at SEC + OSC = another BRE-X + ENRON = ABX

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    • Yes exactly, the tunnel is being built to carry rock - from the crusher to the process plant.

      Do you think the ore is contained in marshmallow?

      The area that JL calls Mina Pascua, the Tesoro and Amarillos claims, and Barrick's Pascua Mine are two different areas. If JL does actually have title to the Tesoro claims, then Barrick has lost nothing since the Tesoro were never their property in the first place. (The Tesoro claims were always the property of Hector Unda Llanos.) Barrick still has all necessary titles for the Pascua Lama mine.

      JL's equivocation of his concessions with Pascua Lama is deliberately deceptive.

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      • Barrick was building Pascua the Chile side in 1997 for $500 million with production set for 2000. There was no such thing as Lama of "Pascua Lama". The deposit is in Chile at "Pascua", Argentina "Lama" is nothing more then a way to keep Barricks fraud alive regarding Barricks fake project as Barrick has never owned the minging right to mine Pascua gold, silver and copper. Why do you think Barrick included titles into Barricks SEC 6K and OSC 43-101 filings as "enacted" when they are not. Why do you think Barrick included titles into Barrick SEC 6K and OSC 43-101 filings that are not owned by Barrick (Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5) and titles which are dead under Tesoro titles and are only salt and nitrate titles ( Amarillo 1-3000 ).

        As we know those titles Tesoro and Amarillo 1-3000 are registered in fraud by Barrick to the North American markets as owned by ABX for the rights to mine Pascua Lama which is fraud. The reality is provided by expert technical reports and chile court records from Barrick in Chile and that the deposit of Pascua Lama is located on AMARILLO 1-3000 which in turn is also on the superimposed Tesoro titles. Those properties are the domain of Jorge Lopehandia as well as the titles Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 as per written on the margins property of Jorge Lopehandia. Why does Barrick take ownership of the property when clearly they were never owned by Barrick and are the properties of Jorfe Lopehandia? BARRICK FRAUD.

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