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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 16, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    How Goldman stole all the gold/silver SUCKERS monies, again ROFLMAO


    Ladies, I am a trading GENIUS, and my track record of forecasts concerning the DYING golds, silvers, and rare earths, as recorded here on Yahoo, PROVES THE FACT. So pay close attention and LEARN something from your intellectual superiors, instead of razzing me foolishly as so many DUMB AMATEUR FOOLS tend to do here.

    Ladies, I learned many many moons ago that there is NO free market where stock trading is concerned....the entire “casino” is controlled by slimy collusive crooked wall street banksters/fundsters, and you either bet with them (as a WINNER) or you bet against them (as a LOSER). The slimiest of the slime, the chronic LIARS who have NO concept of how to tell the Truth, NOT even to their own dysfunctional families or their imaginary “friends,” happen to be the inherited money ivy league she-males who manage Goldman. Their ability to make profits of any kind is predicated entirely upon INSIDE INFO, since they are NO TALENTS of the worst kind, and if you were to take away their access to INSIDE INFO, they would prove to be THE WORST investors in the world today, as evidenced by their near fatal maneuvers in the mortgage derivatives markets, pre- 2008, not to mention their flagrant and frequent “cooking of their books,” best exemplified by the manner in which they hid massive losses in their mortgage derivatives mess this past decade, a subterfuge accomplished by failing to mark to market said derivatives.

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    • I wouldn't so much call you a genius...................but, you are annoying to say the least. lol

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    • who installed the gerbil wheel in your skull?

    • Okay, I confess. I'm the guy that gave Insect a thumbs up. Why? because I think he/she is right about that nest of manipulative slime-balls called Goldman. However, now that gold and gold stocks have crashed, is it not time for Goldman to step back in and buy up at a huge discount from the war-ravaged, capitulating lumpenmasses and then make a killing to the upside? It was a great move down and they must have cleaned up big time. But from these levels it is beginning to look like they can now make another killing on the other side of the trades. So what does Insect think? Is it time? Or when will it be time?

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      • The only stock insect likes is Priceline, so he ain't no genius. If they did the downside then the upside, then the regulators might actually investigate them. Now Goldman will be waiting for some other market to attack later. It looks like they had a huge short position then a large long position, and sold the longs at market to crash the price, they lose money on the longs but make more than that on the shorts.

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