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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 20, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    ABX = 1.00 penny junk trash posing as an 18.00 stock


    Ladies, the Goldman boys have targeted this ABX hot air pump for the toilet where it rightfully belongs. They are utilizing their whoore shill, Mario Draghi, current head of the European Bank, and former vice chairman of Goldman International, to DUMP ALL EUROPEAN gold and drive the USELESS metal to a price of 100 bucks an ounce or LOWER. How do I know WITHOUT DOUBT that Draghi is a Goldman shill?? Because, ladies, if he were genuinely working to benefit Europe instead of Goldman, he would NEVER have PRE-announced massive gold sales as a means of DRIVING DOWN the price, as a means of obtaining the LOWEST possible price. That is ALWAYS the action of a whoore shill who exists to benefit the SMARTER GOLD SHORTS for whom he really toils.

    Ladies, Goldman will singlehandedly WIPE OUT ALL THE GOLD AND SILVER MINERS of the world, along with the continent of Europe itself, and drive the world into a global depression, since so many nations in Africa and So. America depend on gold and silver mining as an economy driver. By the time the dust settles, ladies, the Goldman boys will have seized MOST of the global capital, making the robber barons of the 19th century seem like amateurs by comparison ROFLMAO ROFLMAO

    Goldman holds massive short positions today AGAINST gold, silver, the Euro, and probably every nation's currency you can name in the continents of Africa and So. America. Ladies, every SMART market vet knows that Goldman is the most aggressive SHORT player in the world, constantly pumping trash sectors, trash metals, trash currencies, and financial trash in general....then turning around and SHORTING THE HELL out of them immediately thereafter. They exist to deceive, they are truly THE most rotten ZERO-ethics company in the history of mankind.

    Ladies, you have been warned again by a proven market GENIUS who originally warned you away from ALL these USELESS golds and silvers almost TWO YEARS you ignore me at risk to your bank account

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