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  • bobbleaque bobbleaque May 17, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    Can ABX survive with gold price below $1000?

    This is what ABX bag holders should ask themselves today. A company cannot survive when its principal product for sale falls $20 a day, combined with sagging debt loads and questionable mgmt competence. This is basic common sense.

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    • dorianpc May 18, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

      It should be clear by now ABX will not survive at any price.

    • you have no comprehension of supply and demand. how did these miners survive 10 years ago with gold at $400 an ounce? you think they were mining it at a loss? ABX has reserves and can just decrease production until prices go up which they will as soon as they...decrease production.

      educate yourself before risking any more of your allowance money...moron.

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      • You ask a lot of simple questions with easy answers.
        The question you don't answer is how such a smart investment company like you got itself trapped in an obvious trap.
        Aren't you worried about clients looking at your books?
        Why do you call people names? DOes that ease your pain?
        The only thing that is going to help is to take the first step and asmit you are in over your head.
        The question isn't can they make money, the question is can they survive? Either way you won't.

      • My condolences on your huge ABX losses. You sound so understandably frustrated, and yet childishly naive. Let me educate you now. You actually believe reserves can be reduced by flicking off a switch? Ever heard of contracts and commitments? And ten years ago, the cost to mine is much lower than that of today. Oh never mind. Clearly you are in your own imaginary world with a $2000 gold price.

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