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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jun 25, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    ABX damaged Pascua by releasing dirt flows, to get shutdown by reasons other than title loss = SEC, FRAUD

    Barrick self inflicted Pascua access road, water flows systems, environment and birth of Chllay (Conay) Rivers, were their own intentioal design.

    To later go and deliver themselves to Chile authorities to beg to be shutdown for environmental reasons, ahead of publicity over title loss.

    Barrick blames Chile? get a load of truth, ABX caused the damages to flee from MSX + LOPEHANDIA victorious at law on title matters, clubbing ABX at their pretended bogus theft of TESOROS concessions and MINAS PASCUA PROSPECTRUS areas 1994-2013 to ABX at OSC and SEC.

    ABX invented the damages, its workers are seeing at the video calling the stuff MEGA ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE or ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM caused by (gringos) or foreign USA and or Candian executives in charge that day at the field works.

    The callous thing, is that a rehersal of the same took place a week before the big damages were ushered in to get ABX a ¨staged EASY WAY OUT to gain time, smoke grenade the TESOROS title loss and to fleece some more from PASCUA as if ABX after fixing the damage, will obtain clean title at TESOROS.

    THis is all a fraud from ABX insiders that are 100% caught by MSX and LOPEHANDIA at Chilean law.

    Canada and USA must call ABX insiders and jail them for crooks.

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    • There sure are a lot of paid bashers posting here.

    • So ABX want us to believe the crash of Gold the day after Barrick gets halted at Pascua for the environmental disaster when Barrick created its own waste water landslide down the river is just a coincidence? It's also a coincidence ABX has been charged criminally and Mr Lopehandia was granted certified domain to the areas of the Pascua Lama deposit on the Chile side right when ABX created the Environmental waste water landslide down the river?

      When I watch the video published in the Chile media, the ABX workers even comment how ugly the damage Barrick created was. Barricks tactics of delaying Pascua for the last 18 years is obviously coming to an end thanks to Barricks own shareholder suing ABX in multiple class action lawsuits as well as the amazing work Mr Lopehandia and his legal team have done in lawsuits in Chile under extreme ABX influence. Investors are figuring it out, Barrick has fraudulent titles at Pascua Lama on the Chile side.

    • These Barrick buggers polluted the water on purpose, man they will stop at nothing to try and escape their fraudulent legal problems. These idiots are destroying their own company!!!

      • 1 Reply to chilanko77
      • What amazes me is that Barrick will do anything to guard against the Pscua Lama title fraud and their 17 years of not having title at Pascua. Randy Smallwood CEO of SLW needs to stop protecting Barrick and Barricks criminal activity at Pascua, Mr Randy Smallwoody said in his latest Pascua Lama news release to investors, quote:

        "Barrick has continued to show a strong commitment to exceeding regulatory compliance and protecting the environment, and it is worth highlighting that there have been no negative environmental impacts at Pascua Lama to date"

        It's time ABX and SLW shareholder hold their band of crooks accountable for these Pascua Lama criminal actions. The SEC and OSC need enforce the law against Barrick and stop protecting their eliteist friends by looking the other way. Have Barrick remove Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 and Amarillo 1-3000 off of Barrick SEC 6K and OSC 43-101 books, force ABX to report on all the legal action against Barrick from their own shareholders to the criminal action in Chile over the extinguishing of the Pascua Lama Protocol. Barrick requires the Pascua Lama Protocol in order to have the Pascua Lama Project to even exist. The titles Barrick does not own at Pascua Lama cover the Chile side of the project and have been reported by experts as containing the deposit of Pascua. All the legal action which has forced Barrick to invent ways to delay Pascua is very material, no wonder ABX shareholder are suing ABX for not being truthful about this project all these years.

    • Source: El Ciudadano

      Barrick Gold provoca daño ambiental sobre río Conay en Pascua Lama ( Vídeo )

      Exclusivas son las imágenes que entrega El Ciudadano y que dan cuenta como Barrick Gold provocó el daño ambiental sobre el río Conay ( nombre de su nacimiento para el río Chollay) , derramando sobre el vital elemento para el norte de Chile, sedimento minero.

      La sanción de 16 millones de dolares fue pagada con una rebaja del 25 %. Para muchos ambientalistas la multa es irrisoria. Para otros lo que corresponde es que la empresa trasnacional del oro más grande del mundo Barrick Gold sea definitivamente expulsada del país, ellos tras cometer una serie de daños ambientales y a la vez fraude al fisco de Chile, al vender a futuro la plata y oro del yacimiento con concesiones no metálicas.

      Esta empresa que creo un país virtual entre Chile y Argentina inicialmente bajo los mandatos Frei por lado chileno y Menem por lado argentino redactando ella misma los tratados y es protegida por los grandes medios de comunicación, incluída la televisión. El Ciudadano cumple con entregar estas imágenes que esperamos salgan a la luz pública dado su interes noticioso.

      Google translated:

      Barrick Gold causes environmental damage on Conay river Pascua Lama (Video)

      Exclusive images are delivering Citizen and realize as Barrick Gold caused environmental damage on the river Conay (birth name for the river Chollay), spilling over the vital element for north of Chile, mining sediment.

      The penalty of $ 16 million was paid with a discount of 25%. For many environmentalists the fine is laughable. For others it is only fitting that the multinational company of world's largest gold Barrick Gold is finally expelled from the country, they after committing a series of environmental damage while Chile's tax fraud, to sell forward gold silver and nonmetallic concessions site.

      This company created a virtual country between Chile and Argentina initially under the mandates Frei and Menem Chilean side by side writing herself Argentine treaties and is protected by the major media, including the television. The Citizen meets deliver these images we hope to come to light since his interest news public.

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