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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 1, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Jorge Lopehandia defeats Chilean Government, Pascua Lama Protocol now to be opened to show FRAUD

    Kudos to legal teams of Mr. Lopehandia and MSX in Chile

    While Mr. Lopehandia cages Canadian Lawyer Maria Lousie Phyllis EMERY ex LAC MINERALS in charge of Pascua 1994-2013 with KEVIN ATKINSON TEAR ex LAC and JOHN W. LILL ex LAC who defrauded Mr. Lopehandia as Barrick Chile top executive to steal Pascua 1997.

    Lopehandia got Barrick criminally charged 2002 and Civil injuncted at Pascua 2001, Peter Munk named.

    At the shadows of death threats to Mr. Lopehandia for ten years a DO NOT FLY order, ABX and its cohorts, swarmed Chile mining territories of Lopehandia, his mining associates and friends, all subjected to financial bullying and financial terrorism.

    As done today against Gold and Copper plus Silver prices.

    Metals are being assasinated, before your eyes, investment is being destroyed by the establishment.

    miners are being slottered, killed financially as metals go down and everything needed to produce them climbs, wages, energy, food, transportation, fuel, bank interest climbs and commodities plunge?

    ABX admitted to complicity to rig down metals, now, is doen to avert papered Gold and metals bankruptcies. All derivatives, forward sales, CIVIL RICO peddled by ABX + SLW + ROYAL GOLD + KINROSS +++ is all TOXIC WASTE and wallet burning propositions, such as PASCUA PONZI for ABX

    ABX lies that Pascua cost is 10 Billion now, is only 1 USD Billion to mine 1 to metallurgy, period, LAM bust, stolen from Mr. Lopehandia´s client HOMESTAKE by ABX is the USD8 Billion PONZI SCAM of SCHEEME

    Mr. Lopehandia was sued illegally in Canada by Barrick to steal Pascua rights and Mr. Lopehandia holds titles that ABX filed as TESOROS of MINERA NEVADA SpA at SEC + OSC, in Lopehandia´s name, not ABX.

    ABX has only to surrender to Lopehandia and MSX, check CNN Chile today and learn from Lawyer Barbara Salinas, what is truly going on in Chile this morning at Pascua.

    Last one out shut off the lights at Peter Munk´s den of fraud and financial terrorism a.k.a ABX or was it ABREX?

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    • Translated from Chile media, source El Ciudadano:

      New check to Barrick Gold: Chilean court opens trial legality of Pascua Lama Protocol

      Total and absolute rejection had the appeal filed by the State Defense Council, acting on behalf of the Government of Chile by the Ninth Division of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, in cars Docket No. C-17.273- 2012, entitled "Lopehandia Cortés, Jorge Rodrigo Fisco" 23 ° filed before the Civil Court of Santiago and that relate to the legal nullity would Pascua-Lama Protocol. The decision of the Judges, open a case that could lead to even declare former presidents.

      Note that in the first instance the State Defense Council had refused to discuss the existence of fraud in the signing of the Protocol Pascua-Lama. Treaty between Chile and Argentina that created a virtual country over the Andes to the exploitation of its natural resources.

      However since the protocol was published in the Official Gazette of Chile and he became aware of the country's highest authorities, whichever is discussed and researched has become a fact.

      Retrieved lawyer Juan Guillermo Torres that said "Tuesday June 25, 2013, were made the allegations of the parties, the Chilean Government through its lawyer and representing their interests, who talks, in which this part founded the rejection of the appeal and thus requires confirmation of the judgment of first instance, by means of separate legal defenses both form and substance, a resource that was eventually rejected by the Ninth Division of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, which is an absolute triumph for this cause. "

      The Citizen

      "Nuevo jaque a Barrick Gold: Corte chilena abre juicio por legalidad de Protocolo Pascua Lama

      Total y absoluto rechazo tuvo el recurso de apelación interpuesto por el Consejo de Defensa del Estado, actuando en representación del Fisco de Chile por parte de la Novena Sala de la Ilustrísima Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago, en los autos Rol N° C- 17.273-2012, caratulados “Lopehandía Cortés, Jorge Rodrigo con Fisco”, tramitados ante el 23° Juzgado Civil de Santiago y que guardan relación con la nulidad legal que tendría el Protocolo Pascua-Lama. El fallo de los Jueces, abre un caso que podría llevar a declarar incluso a ex presidentes de la República.

      Cabe señalar que en primera instancia el Consejo de Defensa del Estado se habría negado a discutir sobre la existencia de fraude en la firma del Protocolo Pascua-Lama. Tratado entre Chile y Argentina que creó un país virtual sobre la cordillera de los Andes para la explotación de sus recursos naturales.

      No obstante dado que dicho protocolo fue publicado en el Diario Oficial de Chile y de él tomaron conocimiento las altas autoridades del país, el que sea discutido e investigado se ha convertido en un hecho.

      Consultado el abogado Juan Guillermo Torres este señaló ” el martes 25 de junio de 2013, se efectuaron los alegatos de las partes, Fisco de Chile por medio de su abogada y en representación de sus intereses, quien le habla, en la cual esta parte fundó el rechazo de dicho recurso y con ello requiere la confirmación del fallo de primera instancia, por medio de sendas defensas jurídicas tanto de forma y de fondo,recurso que finalmente fue rechazado por la Novena Sala de la Ilustrísima Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago, lo cual es un triunfo absoluto para esta causa”."

      El Ciudadano

    • I've watched that CNN Chile interview with Lawyer Barbara Salinas explaining Barricks legal problems with Pascua Lama titles and the fraudulent use of the Pascua Lama Protocol. She talks about malicious use of a public document suggesting knowingly covered up the fraud. Now Barrick want us investors to believe Pascua Lama is again delayed for an environmental disaster Barrick created themselves by sending Pascua Lama waste water down the Conay River? S ABX know say Pascua will be open in 2016 for around $10 BILLION LOL!! Maybe Barrick should just admit they don't own the titles to the Pascua deposit, as in AMARILLO 1-3000 and the superimposed Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5. Te law is the law, Mr Lopehandia already has certified domain to those areas with his titles, something Barrick does not!

    • Sound like your Mr. Lopehandia is looking to sell steal some gold for Barricks.

      • 1 Reply to galorespots
      • Translated:

        Declared admissible complaint against Barrick for mining the Pascua Lama

        As was declared admissible the criminal complaint for falsification and / or malicious use of false public instrument .

        As was declared admissible the criminal complaint for falsification and / or malicious use of false public instrument , that the attorney Barbara Salinas along with attorney Alejandro Muñoz presented to the 7th Court of Santiago Warranty , representing mountainstar Gold.

        The lawsuit is against Derek James and Laura Riehm Phyllis Mary Emery , both legal representatives SpA Nevada Mining Company , which in turn is the legal entity Chile Barrick Gold mining by the Pascua Lama project , now suspended for serious environmental offenses .

        Salinas was very satisfied with the resolution , since this first processing step welcomes the complaint and subsequent investigation by the North Central Office .

        According to the professional , " is another front that opens to Barrick , since according to the mining history would not have obtained the domain or the mining on a cloth major concessions that are located within the Pascua Lama " .

        It should be recalled that the State of Chile allows individuals access to the exploration and exploitation of minerals provided has been obtained by court order granting mining rights conferred for such purposes.

        But in this case , Salinas emphasized that as stated in a folder -initiated research and Complex Crimes Unit of the Attorney North Central , mineral property titles for Minera Nevada SpA ( Barrick ) do not exist and , consequently , this latter would have no domain or right on the mining Treasury calls One 1 to 30 to 1 to 5 Twelve Treasury .

        For professional is relevant - while serious - than in 2004 , subscribed by the State of Chile a Protocol Adequacy with the State of Argentina who sought to establish certain standards between the two countries in order to give a boost from the point of more pragmatic view , facilitate the initiation of this project and within that protocol , which is a public document between the two countries , Barrick incorporates and declared as own mining claims that are in dispute .

        However , they are subject to a lawsuit for several years and weighs about them - from the current 2001 to date - a measure that prohibits holding precautionary prejudicial acts or contracts on them , enacted by the 14th Court a civil court of Santiago , - since before the enactment and publication of Decree 179 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So not only would have falsified the decree ideologically , with subsequent malicious use until today , but also , it has to comply with a judgment given in a court of the Republic. Finally and to these facts , the lawyer Salinas wonders how any government official was able to warn earlier this prohibition prevented certainly incorporate such mining properties as part of the Pascua Lama and thus have signed the protocols.

        This new criminal action , coupled with the environmental problems of today , clearly show that Barrick did not act with attachment to Chilean law , diligence and transparency required .


        Declaran admisible querella contra Barrick por pertenencias mineras del proyecto Pascua Lama
        Como admisible fue declarada la querella criminal por falsificación y/o uso malicioso de instrumento público falso.

        Como admisible fue declarada la querella criminal por falsificación y/o uso malicioso de instrumento público falso, que la abogada Bárbara Salinas junto con el abogado Alejandro Muñoz presentaron ante el 7° Juzgado de Garantía de Santiago, en representación de Mountainstar Gold.

        La demanda es contra Derek James Riehm y Laura Phyllis María Emery, ambos representantes legales de Compañía Minera Nevada SpA, que a su vez en Chile es la persona jurídica de Barrick Gold, minera a cargo del proyecto Pascua Lama, hoy suspendido por serias faltas ambientales.

        Salinas se mostró muy conforme con la resolución, toda vez que con este primer paso se acoge a tramitación la querella y su consiguiente investigación por parte de la Fiscalía Centro Norte.

        Según la profesional, "es un frente más que se le abre a Barrick, puesto que según los antecedentes recabados la minera no tendría el dominio o las pertenencias mineras respecto de un paño importante de concesiones que están emplazadas dentro del proyecto Pascua Lama".

        Es preciso recordar que el Estado de Chile permite a particulares acceder a la exploración y explotación de sustancias minerales siempre y cuando se haya obtenido por resolución judicial la concesión minera que le confiere derecho para tales fines.

        Pero en este caso, Salinas enfatizó que según consta en una carpeta investigativa ya iniciada por la Unidad de Delitos Complejos de la Fiscalía Centro Norte, los títulos de propiedad minera a favor de Minera Nevada SpA (Barrick) no existen y, en consecuencia, ésta última no tendría ni dominio ni derecho alguno sobre las pertenencias mineras llamadas Tesoro Uno 1 al 30 a Tesoro Doce 1 al 5.

        Para la profesional resulta relevante – a la vez que grave - que en 2004 se suscribe por el Estado de Chile un Protocolo de Adecuación con el Estado de Argentina que tenía por objeto establecer ciertas normas entre ambas naciones para poder dar un impulso desde el punto de vista más pragmático, facilitar la iniciación de este proyecto y dentro de ese protocolo, que constituye un instrumento público entre ambos países, Barrick incorpora y declara como propias las pertenencias mineras que están en disputa.

        Sin embargo, las mismas se encuentran sometidas a un pleito judicial desde hace varios años y pesa sobre ellas – desde el año 2001 vigente hasta la fecha – una medida prejudicial precautoria que prohíbe celebrar actos o contratos sobre ellas, decretadas por el 14° Juzgado de Letras en lo Civil de Santiago, - desde antes de la dictación y publicación del Decreto 179 del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. De manera que no sólo se habría falsificado ideológicamente dicho decreto, con el subsecuente uso malicioso hasta el día de hoy, sino que, además, no se ha respetado una resolución judicial emanada de un tribunal de la República. Finalmente y ante estos hechos, la abogada Salinas se pregunta cómo ningún funcionario de los gobiernos anteriores fue capaz de advertir esta prohibición que ciertamente impedía incorporar tales pertenencias mineras como parte del proyecto Pascua Lama y por ende haber suscrito los protocolos.

        Esta nueva acción penal, unida a los problemas ambientales de hoy, claramente muestran que Barrick no ha obrado con apego a la legislación chilena, diligencia y transparencia requerida.


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