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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 29, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    Gold to rise after toxic paper solved hush hush, as ABX get legal convictions at PASCUA FRAUD in Chile

    Amazing that ABX did not disclose criminal trials in Chile

    Word has it it is chapter 0 for ABX
    It is too broke to make it to chapter 11

    last one out, turn Peter´s skunk lights off

    CIVIL RICO and PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME failed for ABX JPM SLW DAY PMU KRY PD MDMN HM what a crew of twisted pirates and demons.

    ABX a symbol of financial terrorism and establishment complicity to rip off the public.

    Shame on TSX + SEC pseudo regulators who allowed a skunk, PETER MUNK, to become BERN MADDOF the second to the potency of ten in the PASCUA pseudo ownership via TESOROS concessions illegally listed at SEC + OSC as if, owned via MINERA NEVADA SpA - a criminally busted ABX fraud in Chile.

    CIVIL RICO daily trades at ABX ought to be stopped to show market transparency.

    COMPLICITY at SEC + TSX = ABX multiple lawsuits

    ABX caused its environmental damages at Pascua Mine

    Just to avert showing legal Pascua title, now clean and cleared at MSX Canada

    Burn baby burn...

    OMG... how the mighty have fallen TG

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    • Barrick is screwed at Pascua Lama, ABX was building Pascua in 1996 for $500 million in Chile where all the gold is located. 17 years later Barrick is still building Pascua and the budget is now $8.5++ BILLION and have moved the project into Argentina where 20% or less of the gold is! LOL

      ABX knows they don't have the titles that cover the deposit in Chile, so with Abx taking cash as far back as the start of the project in 1996 in exchange for the forward sales of medals Barrick doesn't own, ABX is running a Ponzi Scam, and how about that budget now $8.5++ BILLION! And the endless delays!!

      So the latest excuse for Barricks scam is that they need to build a water Managment system at Pascua Lama because of court orders... hummm, funny because Barrick was already told to build a water management system as part of the permit approval back between 2001-2009. Barrick even reported on the water management system back in 2011, it was the first thing they were to build and they didn't?LOL

      Then in 2013, A major landslide of water was sent down the rivers mysteriously and was captured by Barrick workers on video and given to the Chile media where it can be viewed on YouTube. With ABX facing criminal charges and the legal system closing in on Barrick title problems did Barrick try and delay Pascua once again or even try to set up a senario for a future exit from this project due to environmental problems and not tilte fraud by sending water down the rivers intentionally? Seems that way when you view the video of the water damage Down the rivers and the fact the courts weeks earlier excepted the criminal charges against Barrick and Mr Lopehandia was granted Certified Domain with his titles to the areas of AMARILLO 1-3000 and Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 of which 3rd party experts recorded in technical reports as being the location of the Pascua deposit.

    • Sounds like ABX is above the law , what a bunch of crooks. Time for them to pay the ultimate price!!

    • Get a life MSX is being sold off for pennies, if anyone is stupid enough, to buy this dog, guess in your world this means Jorgey boy and Brent are winning, check your meds

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