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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 28, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    no tax Treaty Chile Argentina since Dec 2012 = NO PASCUA LAMA, why so many lies at title less ABX?

    ABX has a fancy to lie regarding Pascua for two straight decades

    Low Gold prices
    Tax synergies
    Lama Veladero synergies
    Gold under the Glaciers
    Permits problems
    oil prices
    bad metallurgy at LAMA
    political unrest
    Environmental self created damages

    Anything but to admit that ABX bought concessions of salts and nitrates from LAC MINERALS that do not qualify ABX to mine Gold in Chile.

    Anything but to admit false filings at SEC and OSC to own TESOROS concessions via MINERA NEVADA SpA in Chile, after 2012 MINERA NEVADA SpA admitted to have never owned TESOROS titles.

    Anything but to admitt that ABX sued falsely in Canada Mr. Lopehandia true Pascua owner.

    Anything but to admit that ABX is swindling the markets titleless at Pascua.

    If ABX keep spending money in lies at Pascua, still NO TAX TREATY is available so it is all one big lie.

    MSX has contracted an opportunity to mine Pascua in Chile

    and ABX owns a series of SEC and OSC published falsehoods and lies.

    ABX has falen into wire fraud, stock Exchange fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud with false ownership of Mina Pascua Chile, a CIVIL RICO game with SLW 2009 to date.

    Beware of this racket

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    • This year Barrick experienced a further, unexpected administrative challenge that will be difficult to resolve. After seventeen years in effect, Argentina chose not to renew a bi-national taxation treaty with Chile. The treaty provided the legal framework under which a special tax agreement concerning Pascua Lama was hastily negotiated, after more than three years of conversations between officials and experts from Chile and Argentina. The negotiation took place in 2009, following visits by Aaron Regent to Michelle Bachelet, then President of Chile, and Peter Munk to Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina. Several Argentine officials, who viewed the agreement as prejudicial to national interests, resigned in protest. Because the tax agreement for Pascua Lama refers to the international treaty, the applicability of the former is thrown into question with the expiry of the latter.


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