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  • zuluspeer zuluspeer Nov 1, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    Barrick in Death spiral like BlackdingleBerry.

    Do all Canadian companies sook this bad?
    Funny thing is; Blackberry has $2.4 Billion cash on hand, with zero debt.
    Barrick has $16 Billion in debt, with more writedowns to come with closing indefinitely of Pascua.

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    • Pascua is like a secret piggy bank. It's not going away. When the time will open.'s really a very, very, very rare element. It is an international, default currency. That's what it really is. It's not about the jewelry. Forget about India. It's what rich countries (China especially) use as a proxy for any currency in the world. Nations around the world are printing money. Debasing their currencies. Gold.....really nothing else is as transparent as a proxy for anybody's currency. You can't move land/real estate. You can't put sugar or potash in a vault and sit on it. Oil? It gets used up and you have to go get more. That's also true of almost any energy or industrial commodity. But the only thing that can be priced immediately, anywhere on the planet when a currency needs to be converted to something other than another currency. When the poopy hits the fan they will come begging for your gold. Just wait......All those shops that say "We buy Gold" will be changed to "We sell Gold".

      You have to buy this straw hat when it's the winter time. ABX is so fundamentally undervalued it's silly., no,'s not going to go up next week. But in a 5....chances are very high that it will be worth 50-100% more. Sell it now if you want. Buy it back later....add more now....or later. Doesn't matter. Don't buy bonds. Don't put everything into gold/ABX. But man, you'ld be foolish not to have a serious gold position now.

    • Shareholders need to CAN abx management and BOD. These Barrick Buffoons couldn't profitably run a lemonaid stand in the Mohave desert. Worthless. Totally worthless. WASH (Walking away shaking head).

    • What most don't understand is Barrick has sold forward millions of ounces of GOLD AND SILVER to several banks and SLW,RGLD....The banks were more than happy to take those sell forwards however BARRICK NEVER OWNED THE RIGHTS TO THE PROPERTY THEY WERE SELLING FROM....FRAUD.....

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