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  • wcoastguy2008 wcoastguy2008 Nov 3, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    "China - The New Hunt Brothers?"

    China will be the new Hunt Brothers as it corners the market on gold. It's goal is to make China's currency the global standard replacing the U.S. dollars. Gold could triple in price in the next three years.

    The Chinese are long term planners. Their time frame is longer than the next reporting period.

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    • 105 tons leaving Comex this month went to Hong Kong (China). No physical gold going into the Comex, only outflows, as eligible gold is converted into registered unavailable after the bank fraud crash and grab in April. Crooked banksters crashed 100/1 paper/physical gold price using their short corner, to grab up physical gold from investors.

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      • If you understand what the real debt to GDP is in China you will understand that the Chinese currency wont be ready for prime time until they crash the entire system and wipe out the trillions in bad debts from the books and the shadow banking system...If you also understand that CB across the globe are fighting a deflationary spiral coming from China the better off you will be...The globe is creating debt faster than revenues..The velocity of money cannot and will not pick up pace in this environment hence the reason you see gold and silver falling and not exploding higher....I have held and will continue to hold PHYSICAL METAL FROM 1999 ON...Very low cost base...I have shorted the miners, gld and slv against the physical starting in 2011...I will remain short ABX and a select few other miners till they prove their worth....Barrick however will be forced into Bankruptcy which could be a turning point for the physical market into much higher levels....Either way Barrick is GOING DOWN HARD AND THE SKUNK MUNK MAY BE FORCED INTO JAIL FOR HIS FRAUD AT PASCUA IF THE OLD FOOL DOESNT DIE FIRST!!!!

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