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  • MarkHanfland MarkHanfland Nov 16, 2007 12:47 AM Flag

    SLP Market Maker Screwed Me

    I placed a sell order on 5000 SLP shares through ETrade for the open on Thursday Nov 15. SLP opened at 4.51 and my shares were not sold at the open price. Instead of getting that price my shares where sold one minute and 30 seconds into the session for 4.22 and then 30 seconds later the price was back at 4.60. So in two minutes I am supposed to swallow that the price went down 10% just for my trade and then immediately back up 10%. There wasn't any volume, it was BS. Do you think it would be worth going through the arbitration process to go after my $1500?

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    • Classic example of ETrade approach to business- why I am soo happy they are getting what comes to them from the market

    • He who places market orders is asking to get screwed! I never, never, never place a market order. Also if I want to buy or sell 5,000 shares I never put them all up at once. Be a little patient and work on it 1,000 share at a time or so and always put in a limit order. You can change it minutes later if you need to.

      On the other hand it does sound like a potential raw deal. It might be worth your time to see if you can recover your loss. I've never been through that process. Maybe someone else here knows something about it. Good luck.

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