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  • dvb6000 dvb6000 Sep 30, 2010 7:46 PM Flag

    Relevance of the Video Accessibility Act to SLP

    This act which passed the Senate last month was approved by the House on Tuesday. It will allow the blind to have greater access to the Internet and hand-held devices. Mark Richert of the American Foundation for the Blind said Wed that the measure was one of the most comprehensive bills in decades to improve access for the disabled. This should bring some interest among investors and potential buyers of SLP's Words+ subsidiary. Maybe Walt will finally work something out big time by selling Words+ at some good premium and doing a long-awaited accretive acquisition??? Anyone have any ideas here????

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    • Sent an email to SLP on this subject. Here is their reply:

      With respect to the Video Accessibility Act, and whether it will have an impact on our Words+ subsidiary, our CEO Walt Woltosz replied that we are not a supplier of products for vision-impaired, unless they happen to also be severely motor-impaired and nonspeaking. So, strictly speaking, he doesn't think it will impact us; however more mandates and funding for persons with disabilities is certainly an ongoing trend, especially since Medicaid began including communication systems for ALS patients in about 2001.

    • Very Interesting message.

      Relevance for Words Plus, SLP's wholly-owned subsidiary?

      In my opinion this will encourage consolidation of this sector to leverage existing relationships with large companies that will need to become compliant with technology geared toward empowerment of the disabled.

      While I do not see Words Plus getting a direct effect, I can see this drawing attention to Words Plus as a candidate for sale. If legislation for the deaf can pass you had better believe that legislation of the paralyzed can pass on a federal or state level. In fact, with Eyepro I would not be surprised if this was the real reason for the recent mysterious action for this stock.

      I would like to know what others think, especially someone on a chat board for a company that is in this niche. I am not buying on this news but it is no doubt good news for SLP.

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