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  • dickmilde dickmilde Dec 13, 2012 8:14 AM Flag

    Simulations Plus Announces Accelerated Quarterly Cash Dividend

    Good move Walt ! Share holders will get to keep more for themselves rather than give it to the government. Thanks.

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    • #$%$,

      How is Walt going to grow the company that will accelarate the share price? In the last 4 weeks, the share price has gone from 4.62 to 4.32 and seems on a downward trend. Getting a dividend does not making up for the loss in share price.

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      • Hey alray31, #$%$ is a little too much of a cheerleader for this stock. While its true Walt has done a decent job he is not without criticism and your point of asking how will Walt grow the company is the million dollar question. Over the past several years I pointed out that the marketing of the product was not working. In Walt's defense he did make a move towards hiring 2 new marketing and sales managers. Walt also initiated a buy back at the right time and dividends coupled with selling off a dead weight company. I was disappointing that he didnt buy the assets of a company in the same space that had failed but I will have to say after his explanation it made sense only bc I myself am very conservative. He has improved his overall press release verbage but IMO could still afford more chest pounding . I will say the only way the stock price moves higher is to increase the sales growth and this last release was a huge disappointment. And the stock has move lower bc of it. The real question is how can Walt get us back on track and make more sales. It also sounds like dividend will be better off being invested back into the company rather investors pockets if there is a significant tax increase. Walt does not move fast but he has proven he can and does adjust. Hope he spends the money towards growth. Direct impact growth. Next couple quarters will be interesting. Hope Walt will not sell any more 185K blocks of stock until there is more certainty of the future. Even if Walts stock sales are scheduled it sets a tone for all shareholders when he sells prior to a bad quarter. If he continues to sell then I am certain so will other large shareholders, including myself.

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      • How is Walt going to grow the company ????? From the low of the early 2000's to now the market cap has grown from under $4 Million to almost $70 Million. That's a 18 X increase... How much do you want? SLP will be a larger company next year.

    • So, if I read this correctly, shareholders will get $0.09 per share end of month?

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    • I wanted accelerated growth, I have got accelerated dividends. Well, who am I to complain?

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