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  • beatstockpromotersdotcom13 beatstockpromotersdotcom13 Jun 23, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    Lebed still a bagholder?

    Lebed was pumping this for months with no luck.

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    • Waddya mean WAS. I'm still getting 1 or 2 emails per day. Something stinks more than usual too. Lebed's emails aren't just his typical 'price going to the moon' 1-line emails, they have been long multi-paragrah babbling letters.

      Something else... LEBED DOESN'T OWN SHARES! Only his affiliate who has been dumping them.

      Lebe must owe this person something serious. I haven't seen him stroke a stock this badly in a long time. And usually the only time he writes these long diatribes is when he is contracted and forced to do it.

      I buy ya a beer if lebed sends out more than one email after his 'affiliate' is done liquidating.

      Lebeds pumping has grown tiresome. Anyone foolish enough to own this stock deserves to lose a LOT of money.

    • not only has he pumped it for months.. he is also unloading his shares. If you search back in his pumps, he claims he has 250,000 shares.. now he is claiming that he has 230,000 shares... so he has unloaded 20,000, at the same time that he says... "anybody would be insane not to own this stock... call your family, uncles. everybody you know" type of talk...
      It is interesting how he is unloading it at the same time he is telling everyone of the followers to buy...
      I would be very careful with this guy....

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