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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 Sep 10, 2004 12:51 PM Flag

    Boarding up Ft.Meyers,Fla store

    at this time Fri ----I am sure the others are boarding up as well. Down time like this will cost the stores and will effect their bottom line BIG TIME. You'll see big drops in this stock particularly close to earnings and they won't meet them. I will buy after the big drop. I don't expect my posts to move this stock (that will take care of itself) I just hope to save a few of you from becoming WSM Bagholders when you have time to get out.

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    • 99.4% in big hands couple dummies like you with a couple of hundred shares make no difference.go sell

    • Oh, I get it!!! You just want to be a hero! Gee, that's really a wonderful aspiration. Brush those teeth, hedge. Unfortunately, you don't make sense. Who are you talking to? Short term traders? If so, they ain't sittin in WSM by now. They already cashed from the last move up. Long term investors? Hell, hedge...they don't sell just to rebuy. This stock has been a great performer for them...Why get out? They'd just buy some more at bargain prices when the slide ends. Florida numbers will take a 20% shave at best. Double if Ivan hits hard. But the rest of the country is flying high and Christmas is right around the corner. Relax, hedge. Have a frickin' Margarita.

    • Hurricanes will effect any retailer doing business in Florida, not just WSM. Every year some area of the country has some type of weather catastrophe. It never changes. There will be no significant impact to earnings or revenues. On the flipside, people who suffer damage from these storms will have to replace their furniture and furnishings from somewhere, no? Hedgecutter, you really are an idiot and should be banned from posting.

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