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  • trisoconquen trisoconquen Jun 19, 2003 3:58 PM Flag

    Where's Cubster?

    Must have gotten tired of all that serious financial mumbo jumbo a few posts back and left in a huff.

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    • Cubmeister, now THAT is worthwhile research. And they whined this wasn't a serious board.

      (Leo has probably already gone out and bought the referenced dictionary.....both Russian and English editions)

    • Eggster,

      I think your reaching on that..."the world over". However, I do believe it's swamp slang, or moat slang in your part of the world that god fu'd up. This is about the best you can come up with;

      Cassell�s Dictionary of Slang

      NUMBNUTS noun [1940s and still in use] (US) an idiot, a fool (cf. DUMBNUTS; NUMBHEAD; NUMBY) Standard English �numb� + NUTS]

      NUTS noun [mid 19th century and still in use] the testicles

      Note the "standard English (numb)" Being familiar with that part of your heritage, I can see where you would think it common. Of course you would be quite familiar with "common-er" now wouldn't you.

      And not to be picky, but you should use the word "known" vs "know" as in "is a well known phrase".

      Next thing we know you'll be pumping eggbonics...

      Enjoy our 4th of July, America's day of independence from ENGLAND...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! There is a God!


    • Chubby, "numbnuts" is recognized the world over.

      "spot on" is a well know phrase that we use in God's country.

      "spank the monkey" is a well known phrase in the good old US of A (particularly in the Alaskan wild where there is little else to do.

      Happy 4th.

    • Eggs,

      numbnuts isn't a recognized word in America...sorry ole chap! Now, is it "spank on", or is it "Spot on"?


      ps; how about this...4th?

    • Chubster,

      Its the "fourth" not the "fourh", numbnuts.

    • Jeans,

      It's better to be bored with financial jumbo from Leo than bored by chicken little!

      I'm not into grass skirts unless they're on minkys...and like the Northface crotchless panties...they are too.

      Kona was great, not much for beaches, but great weather. Eggy would beat himself into an omlet in short order...with all the minkys there...I'd watch.

      Have a good 4th


    • Well, well eggbeater, once again you have it wrong. You Brits refer to it as "spank AND yank" alluding to what you do most of the time. I suspect you picked it up from the French or perhaps the Hawiians as both are experts at jerking off.

      The ruskie...leo, from MI?...again...your shell has a crack. Hard for you to deal with intelligent minds I see.

      And it's Bering Sea, do I have to go find the lovely Ms Brown? Don't make me do that, you do remember how she put you in your place on numerous occasions now don't you? I must say, Jeans does a wonderful job of that as well.

      Enjoy the fourh eggy,


    • Egg,

      Almost makes me wish I was a "Yank"


    • Always miss ya, Chubster. The 4th is almost upon us. Rather than Independence Day we tend to refer to it as "spank a yank" day. Talking of spanking, I wouldn't mind getting Jeansie across my knee.

      What's the deal with the Ruskie? Do you rendez-vous on the Baring sea to discuss bankrupt stocks? Will he be coming back. Jeansie took a bit of a shine to him?

    • I missed ya Cub!

      Some dude named Leo tried to bore me with a bunch of financial mumbo jumbo.

      Sorry about the butt whoopin' however, 5 days in Kona was decent consolation. Did you wear a grass skirt and learn to hula?


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