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  • hideyhonabor hideyhonabor Sep 29, 2003 5:02 PM Flag

    Everyone back safely?

    I assume everyone made it back safely. Eggy did not become juevos rancheros down south of the border?

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    • Cub,

      Yeah, you're right. The women sucked indeed.
      Was glad to see the cubs win but, like you, I'm a Yankee fan first.
      Liked your news article.


    • jeans,

      Ya got one out of two, the Cubs.

      Around here, I'm for the Yankee's first, Cubs as a back up. The nipper is a die hard Braves fan. I do it more for the entertainment of watching him eat it than anything.

      The US women sucked today. Germany is good, very good actually and showed it. The US was forcing the ball through out the game, poor decisions and excecution as well. The Germans had them figured out from the get-go, and shut them down at every turn. Poor finishing was a big factor. Maybe they didn't take the game as seriously as they should have? Happens.


    • Eggy,


      Here's what I found in researching your question:
      The 1884 Series was touted as "for the championship of the United States," but the influential weekly Sporting Life established precedent for future Series hype by naming victorious Providence "Champions of the World." Ain't that just like a man to exaggerate.
      As for your Ps, I imagine you had a case of the "Foster flops" last night ole chap.
      Gotta go watch the women kick Germany's ass and the Cubbies whup the Braves. You know, two of the women played for local teams. Reddick in college and Mullinix in High School.

    • Jeans, Thats frigghin gerat! Maybe they'll make it to the world series. Byt he way, how is it a world series when the rst of the friggin wolrd doesn't play?

      Ps. resd my last mesdage and lets hve at it. Ive had a cuple so ecxuse the tpyos.

    • Jesus Christ Chubby. I'm three sheets to the wind after a few bevvies with the lads and I logged on to see what's what and I see this. This guy must feel like a six foot asshole!!! How can we attract people to the board if you rip all the new guys a new one like that? I can only guess that junior lost his soccer match and you were pissed!!


      Ps. I would love to spend some quality time in Jeans' jeans.

    • Cub,

      Whew! Now THAT gave me wood!


      PS Cubbies won again last night!!!

    • Tris,

      Nothing like a Romper Room graduate armed with a crap-cannon to get things heated up. :)


    • Wow, Cub. That was hotter'n a Supercub exhaust manifold.

    • Tris,

      Now way can I top this; "Or duct-tape crotchless polar-plus-lined denim thong panties..." Roflmao!


      ps, a recomend was in order and it wasn't from flavorboy.

    • Out of favor,

      What a pompus piece or worm shit you are.

      To begin with, if you want news and business information, I would suggest you watch tv, read the WSJ, or, go to Californial.

      KFC isn't what you would call a moonshot asshole, nobody cares what the hell it does as long as it pays out a dividend. It's a rocking chair stock you fecal brained low life.
      Just for you... here's a 2 yr chart. Hows that for NEWS?

      What we do here is provide entertainment for these rocking chair people. AND, if we create a little wood for em with the soft porno, god bless them.

      And finally, if I were to "get a room", it wouldn't be for Gods sake, believe me! Jeans sake, the lovely Ms.Browns sake, or a few other minkys that grace these pages...perhaps.
      Well, I can't speak for Hidey and eggy on that, but you get the drift.

      Now, go get your own damn room, beat your head firmly against the wall, and ask God to forgive you for being a pos.


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