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  • letmelivetoo letmelivetoo Jan 22, 2004 7:56 PM Flag

    ? for VF management

    I have a question.Does VF have a company handbook to give to the employees?Do you have certain guidelines laid out for the people instead of making up your rules as you go along,as with the Nautica management?

    The people who work at Nautica would like,simply,to have a fair dealing with the management here.We would like to have someone to talk to without having them lie to us.Hell,at least have the balls(even chinny chin)to face us with the truth.Enbread is day old Ho Wheat.

    We would like to hire a paragraph consultant.

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    • Chubby, would love to come to Vegas. Unfortunately National Cup starts for the U-13s. I'll take a rain check.

      What was that post from the guy who is off to jail? Should we introduce him to Bubba?

      Where's Jeansie these days. I miss the hot little minky.

    • Yeah, you're most likely correct. I think they all work in the Lou division...skimpy on more things than one. If they were half smart, they would be humpin and bumpin to get out a one cup red lace of course. 50% less materials, high margins...ahhhh, think of the possibles.

      Didn't mean to ignore your earlier question on the cub site, lost in the shuffle is all. I don't have any pictures on it, but have looked at that site several times. The best pictures out there are never put on the web however...fear of the FAA..:)

      Off to Vegas on Friday, HEY EGGSTER, hop on over and I'll buy you a beer. Minkeys gallor.

      Soccer tournament site is;


    • Cub, forget it. They never actually post anything of substance after complaining no one ever posts anything of substance (ie, they have no substance).

      Too bad, too. We needed some filler.

    • Tipper,

      Yokels?, Little Idahoes? Answer me this, have you ever (other than our posts) seen anything resembling a serious discussion on this board? I thought not.
      We are here to provide the only entertainmet the rocking chair occupants get and there are many. Do you really think they want to read a bunch of water cooler chitter chatter? I doubt it, they all got out and would rather not.

      Pedel to the metal to you too wanker, now make my day and discuss to your hearts content.


    • And it's Alaska, not Idaho, muffinbrain...

    • Trapezoid2004, was that YOUR contribution to "serious discussion" on the board? Care to post something, anything, relevant to KFC yourself?

      I love these drive-by postings. I haven't heard the word "yokel" since Beverly Hillbillys went off the air.

    • Well "Live or let die", I was reading some of your posts and I seriously doubt any current management would have been posting on any of the message boards. They probably were reading the boards and laughing it off or at least trying to unless someone hit home. It would be my opinion that anyone you may have thought as management would most likely have been former employees who at this point probably don't know and don't care about what VF does with Nautica and its employees.

      Your endeavor seems sincere and if all that you depict has any merit then I feel bad for you and your fellow employees. With that I wish you good luck. I wouldn't doubt that the management of any company wouldn't check popular message boards to see what people are saying about them. It is a vanity thing you know. Continue to post if it gets some stress out and you think someone will listen but do yourself one favor, don't bother arguing with the "Yokels" on this board. You can just as well put all of their posts on the KFC board and no one would no the difference with that type of chatter. The only way to beat these posters is to get enough people to have serious discussions, ignore them, and then make them irrelevant. Watch them get really pissed when lose control of their own "Private little Idaho".

      Good Luck and God Speed.

    • "How do you know I'm mgmt? I could be the guy or girl working right next to your sorry ass."

      Nautyboy, you must work in the cubicle next to the water cooler.


    • Squeeeall...Squeeeall!How's that Kobe?Shall we find a chair?Sounds like some recent changes haven't worked out for the better for someone.Too bad.More changes are coming.Major changes.Not everyone is going to like them,myself included.Whether you're mgmt.or work beside my sorry ass is irrelevant.I could care less.

      The whole place is full of good hardworking people.They need just a little bit of respect and fairness.Which of those do you oppose?And why?Cub,Tris,I guess he's saying I'm "instrumental" in something.

      I'm putting this in paragraphs so you can read correctly,but only this once,since you were so kind to attack me and use proper sentencing.

    • Do I detect disharmony in La-La-land...?
      I've never seen anyone get insulted at being called 'Management'. That used to be a good thing.

      And now I'm confused. Did he play guitar or horns?

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