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  • dan_alain dan_alain Jan 30, 2006 3:28 PM Flag

    VF cronies - only frequent posters

    A bunch of uneducated Rednecks (NO, a 4 year degree from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, or other prestigious state school in the South is barely equivalent to a High school education up North) are the only frequent posters.

    Bashing yankees,liberals, gays, African-Americans is a sport for the VF rednecks, too bad that you don't realize that they played a big role in VF's success.

    May God Forgive You because you don't know any better!

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    • Thanks!

      We (I) really needed a break from all the BS postings as of late.

    • One of the mutual funds that holds
      VFC was in a report at the link below


    • Your back! was your session?


    • Maybe a good indicator are companies that reduce employee benefits every year (increased health care premiums, reduced pensions, etc) but leave executive compensation unchanged.

      I wonder how VF is doing in this category?
      Any employees would care to comment?

      Just my opinion.

    • There's that word again. And HOW is it we tell the greedy companies from the others?
      Perhaps I should stop dragging this on.....

    • As you said.Less jobs going around.
      People putting widgets together for low pay arent happy.Hey I work in an enviroment filled with people making low pay.Everyone makes $10.00an hour.Doesnt matter what the job.Easy job or a hard job like loading or unloading trucks everyone makes the same.I have never worked anywhere where so many people are filled with hatred and anger about the job.Im sure this is going on through out the country.How do you think these Ford employees are going to handle working for half the price.Its only a matter of time befor people run out of money and credit and when enough people feel like they no longer have anything to lose.Look out economy.It might last another 5 years as is...I sort of doubt it though.The US will at least offer others in other countries a clean place to vacation.Unless some idiot nukes us.Let all these rich folk have there money.The greed in this country is just so unreal.Let them eat all that money.I dont need much.But I see that People are better off starting there on jobs and they can do better for them selves than they can working for the company.Baby boomers retireing with lots of money.They just want to have fun and thats where the best jobs are going to be.Hopfully people will realise that the greedy large companies are just scaming them and many will find working for themselves much more satisfying.

    • Must have held his breath too long waiting for the world to become fair.

    • 1. Hate to say this, but for many people, putting together widgets is about as high on the ladder they will get. And they are perfectly happy with that.

      2. Most companies are pyramid shaped; many worker bees, less corporate personel. It is very difficult to find a new job will widget builder skills.

      3. Everything is franchised and mergerized anymore. Less jobs.

      4. Tourism is the job of the future? What does that mean? SO all the people working manufacturing jobs in China, or programming in India - are now going to vacation in Virginia?

    • So we send all of our manufactoring jobs overseas.Let the chinese and all those 3rd world countries screw up their enviroment.We can now consintrate on newer and better how be it lower paying jobs...With all these rich people getting richer ALL U have to do is come up with a job u like and start your own business and learn to take some of their money...this way we ALL can win!Outdoor business is where its going.We are now becomming a land of consumers instead of producers.Its time to stop complaining and start learning how to create your own wealth. TrackerCJ
      Tourism Is the Job of the future in the U.S.A.

    • You are missing the much bigger picture here!
      Sure a lot of people have lost jobs as the goverment has allowed companys like vf to send all there work over seas to other companies. Most of these people have found new jobs which pay a lot less but they can shop at wal-mart and it helps make there money go further.VF makes more profit and so do all companies that have shut down manufactoring jobs and sent them overseas.It helps knowing that there is a wal-mart in most places within a 30 min drive for most people.Hey im with in a 30 min drive to 4 of them .All super centers. Tracker

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