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  • mentallytaxed mentallytaxed Dec 11, 2007 9:10 PM Flag

    Obvious Support!! 60

    I showed this chart to my dog tonight and she was all over it...she's looking for the tail to curl back up at 60!

    What could be more simple....but then again maybe it's easier for a dog to look a dog in the face and see a dog than it is for some of the yahoooos out there to see where this puppy is going.

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    • Keep listening to your dog. I'm staying long.

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      • This is the honest, 100% verifiable truth. My dog was puking her guts out this morning. Take it for what you will....

        We've decided VFC may be worth a nibble pretty soon though...time to start building a gotta love the fundamentals of this cash cow (my dog loves chasing cows). Obviously, if it doesn't hold in here pretty soon, it'll be hitting the deck at 55.

    • Whatever dude. This company is rock solid, good products, wise management. They pay me 3% a year just for holding, and that's what I will do for many years.

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      • Which management? The old manaagement? The new management? Or both?

        I have to agree with you about getting paid 3% just to hold though. Only thing that could be better is going to be getting paid 4% just to hold.....which you'll be able to get if you buy Christmas week when all the tax-loss selling peaks.

        Only thing that could change my mind is if Cramer decides that rather than buying this stock at 95, and 85, and 75, etc., you should be selling it at 65....NOW THAT WOULD BE A STRONG BUY SIGN! He'll have those sheep at the Motley Fool following along with him I reckon.

        North Face. North Face. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. At one time Abercrombie & Fitch outfitted Everest expeditions (before the summit was reached) and trips to the Poles. Now look at the crap marketed under their brand name. My sources tell me that a sponsorship deal will soon be reached between North Face and a popular NASCAR driver....that'll really drive earnings....for about 2 quarters.

        On the bright side, Brett Favre is GOLDEN, GOLDEN!

    • bought some 75 calls is very strong but just in a weak sector

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