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  • mentallytaxed mentallytaxed Dec 28, 2007 10:03 AM Flag

    Zipper Innovation?

    Now, on my North Face fleece pants (toasty warm in spite of -10 temps right now), the zipper is closed at the bottom, NOT THE TOP! What's up with that? Who studied this innovation before implementing it? Essentially what it means it that instead of needing two hands to zip up, you need two hands to zip down!

    Which begs the question--when is the convenience most important? Depending on the reason for opening the zipper, I can see how one could argue either case. Is the company speculating on the primary reason a user might want to open his/her zipper?

    One thing about the zipper, unlike the stock, it's permanently stuck in a narrowly defined trading range.

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    • Dude, your dick is on upside-down. That's why you are having problems.

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      • Holy Moses, Mosesnoses!

        Turns out you've struck on something.

        Bein' a God-fearin' far, far right wing type of Republican like Mike Huckabee, I ain't never had reason nor the inkly-nation to look at no other guys equipment. I mean, sort of like Larry Craig, who had no idea he was giving gay signals because he didn't even probably really believe that gay people actually existed.

        So anyway, I looked up 'penis' on Wikipedia (I hope female readers were as offended as I was by your crass slang), and after lookin' at the pictures, I see that my wee-wee is in fact on upside-down!

        So, like dude, your totally random comment turns out to be exactly right. But what's wild is, I figured out about the zipper controversy.

        One day I was at a baseball game, urinating in a public bathroom and some other guy walks in so I start to zip up real quick in case the faggot wanted to try to cop a peek at my pecker. Well, I get that sensitive, soft, baggy skin that holds my nu-nu's in caught in the zipper (just the wee-wee is upside-down, the nu-nu's are in the correct place), and sure enough one of them puppies pops out. Splashed right into my puddle of piss.

        With the North Face system that can't happen!!!!Because you're zippin' down!!!!

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