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  • jerryfiess8 jerryfiess8 Mar 6, 2008 10:24 PM Flag

    Why I like VF's message board...

    It is nice and quiet.

    The better a company does the more boring its message board is I found.

    Maybe because the people putting money into the company are investors and not traders. Real good investing is quite boring actually, but it makes you money!

    I figure if VF's dividend is about 3% now, and assuming they maintain the 43% payout ratio, then in 10 years from now you'll be earning about 8.5% just in dividends alone from an investment made today! Not bad income, huh? This is also assuming VF's management will continue to grow EPS by 8-10% But you know what thats a high mark but this management team holds high expectations and has been beating their goals so all is going better than planned, even in a bad market.

    This is fabulous to me. Have a good one my fellow VF investor.

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    • I like your math. Of course, given the time frame you are looking at the dollar will be worth less than a Mauritania Ougulya so VF could pay its share price in dividends and you won't be able to buy a potato with it.

      Too bad they don't just mail out some trendy North Face gear as a dividend.

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