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  • rcohen27 rcohen27 Jul 21, 2009 4:06 PM Flag

    Revenues reported very light...

    Here we go again.

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    • And they missed EPS by a penny.

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      • Fruit of the Loom protest over anti-union stand
        People & Planet | War on Want
        Fruit of the Loom universities boycott nears 100 mark, as protest spreads to Britain*

        Major student organisations in US and UK announce day of protest over clothing company's human rights violations in Honduras. They will show the magnitude of support for the boycott with a flood of phone calls, emails and colourful protests at company locations.

        This Friday, university students in the US and the UK will hold their first-ever “Transatlantic Day of Action” targeting sweatshop abuses by billionaire investor Warren Buffett's clothing company, Fruit of the Loom-Russell Corporation. They are protesting at the closure of a factory after a union was formed, with a supervisor saying 'The workers will starve because they got involved in a union', according to independent reports. [1]

        Students from People & Planet [2] and United Students Against Sweatshops [3] are targeting Russell Corporation and its parent company, Fruit of the Loom, over high-profile worker rights violations at the company's factories in Honduras, where Russell is the country's largest private employer. Nearly 100 universities are already boycotting the company, in the largest universities boycott in history: USAS has pushed 91 US universities to sever ties, including the Universities of California, Duke and Georgetown; and the Universities of York, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Birmingham City University in the UK.

        Matt McMullen, a student next year at Derby University, said:

        'Workers should be able to form a union to end dangerous working conditions and give themselves a good standard of living. Fruit of the Loom have taken away that right in Honduras and that's why students across the world are so angry. The boycott has spread like wildfire across the US and the UK, costing the company tens of millions of pounds. Unless the company reverse their decision there's a lot more to come.'

        In the last two years, Russell fired nearly 2,000 employees from two separate factories simply because the employees spoke out against sweatshop conditions including unsanitary drinking water, wages too low to feed a family and verbal abuse. All of these actions violate universities' codes of conduct for clothing suppliers, and Russell has failed to remedy the violations, over eight months after universities raised concerns. The Workers Rights Consortium, an independent factory monitoring group, has reported extensively on Russell violations in Honduras [4]



        [1] See Workers Rights Consortium report for good quotes:

        [2] People and Planet (P&P) is the largest student activist network in the UK, focusing on global poverty, human rights and the environment.

        [3] United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a student organization with chapters at over 200 universities, colleges and high schools across North America that campaigns in support of service workers on our campuses and factory workers making apparel for our schools.

        [4] See for more on the campaign targeting Russell Corporation and Fruit of the Loom.

      • Miss? They beat by $.10.

      • Sell or short, IMHO Bounce will fade.

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