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  • dhucapital dhucapital Jan 14, 2010 9:34 AM Flag

    is vf an american owned and operated company

    or are all its manufacturing overseas.

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    • Yes they are an "American" company. However, they have dismissed probably 40,000+ American employees in the last 10 years and moved the production to such garden spots as China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. etc. Therefore, VFC has contributed to the American recession as much as any US corporation. So, does VFC still qualify to be called an "American" company???

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      • The reality is that businesses, American or otherwise, must compete and make a profit for the risk they take. In apparel, which has a high labor content, they must take advantage of manufacturing where that competitive labor exists. Follow the trail of the textile/apparel industry from New England to the South, to Mexico & Latin America to Asia today. If their products were still mostly made in America, you could not afford them, their business would much, much smaller and those 40,000+ jobs would still be gone. This is true in any industry where there is a high content of lower skilled labor.

    • It is a public company, so it's ownership is spread around. But most large holders seem to be US institutions.

    • Most, if not all, manufacturing is overseas.

    • Yes VF's world headquaters is in Greensboro, NC. VF is a US publically traded corporation with global partners all other the world.

      VF has recently moved some operations to Panama for $ reasons.

      Comment: Being and American company has little value. VF like most corporations do not make decisions base on what is best for America. They will put their own mother's out in the cold , and they have, if it improves the bottom line, their bonus and the perception of the stock holders.

      Virtually all its manufacturing is overseas. It might buy some bits from domestic sources but very little.

      They were a huge player in the "flushing
      sound" of jobs being moved offshore.

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