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  • unitedfood unitedfood Apr 8, 2011 2:45 PM Flag

    NORTHFACE is everywhere

    ... started a position this afternoon on the weakness....

    vfc looks to be hitting it on all fronts with Northface

    just about everyone is wearing northface

    nuff said

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    • TNF ,Columbia, What's the difference. Too Common for my fashion forward kid. He does not want either. VFC does like to keep the street happy which is a very good thing.

    • made my annual pilgrimage to Wrigley this afternoon....

      and yep NORTHFACE is still everywhere.... as you may recall last year after i saw so much Northface at opening day, I opened a very rewarding long position on VFC....

      and today ladies and gents..... Northface hands down remained the number one popular thing to be wearing. granted it was mighty cold out there. periodically, i did a little game and recorded how much NORTHFACE i saw versus other brands.... here are the totals which i do believe was representative for the crowd which by the way was massive... fwiw UNDER ARMOUR was also seen in good numbers and had a great showing... much better than last year... The swoosh -- rarely seen, clearly not so popular..

      Northface 54
      Under Armour 17
      Nike (with greater than half being Jordan Brand) 12
      Adidas 4
      Reebok 3
      Puma 3
      Timberland 2
      Lulu 2 (including one guy wearing lulu)
      Columbia 2

      FWIW i was not looking at anyone's footwear... just what they were wearing up top or on their hands and yep there was at least one guy wearing UA gloves...I am not including Majestic which was in the several dozen range as on many Cub jerseys there is the Majestic diamond. Majestic btw is a VFC brand... so hands down VFC is still the winner and UA is coming on stronger than ever.... also very happy to report that the two UA symbols are still up in the outfield.... they are joined by two other companies on smaller doors.... what looks to be target and teva... the UA symbols are of course much more prominent...

      best to all

    • Actually a very smart past president of TNF worried about NF being so common that it would lower brand value and perception. If every Joe and Mary has it, its not special so why pay the special high price. Columbia here we go.

    • I prefer Arcteryx, personally.
      But seriously, I just don't see the reason this kind of down day. I don't have much use for technical anal. but in this case I'm just guessing that the stock has been rising so quickly that people were waiting for the slightest bit of bad news to dump.

    • added to position

      thank you for the golden opportunity

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