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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Apr 9, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    CSC - Destruction of your IT group

    A few years ago, Aon hired CSC to reduce expenses and streamline IT - did so big time, fired all the staff who knew anything and replaced with either kids or a phone bank in Bangalore. IT support has gone to hell and it is now pathetic at Aon. So, how goes it at VF where CSC is modernizing YOUR IT department? Things going wrong yet????

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    • CSC stock price half of what it was two years ago and less than half of 5 years ago. And VF hires THEM to manage business?

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      • CSC typically promises the moon to current IT staff, and they drink the Koolaid. Have to, otherwise they are fired. Then about 16 months in, after their brains have been cleaned out of all good knowledge, they are fired. Totally gone, and young kids and a help desk in ... DRUM ROLL.......INDIA comes in to support your systems.

        CSC board is full of posters who are familiar with this tactic.

    • alypen May 9, 2012 8:25 PM Flag

      I for one appreciate your message and am glad you posted it.
      I have seen first hand the loss of productivity CSC and SAP can do. Information on any company outsourcing to CSC or going to SAP is important to me as an investor because i can almost count on lower profits in the long term because of it. The Executives and Bean Counters get a nice bonus in the short term and then after their gone the company mysteriously is not doing so good anymore. I can not tell you how many times i have seen this before. Companies gets so fixated on saving every cent that they lose real dollars in the long term. Sooner or later a new team has to come in and clean up the mess and the cycle starts over again.

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      • Many thanks but I also intend this post for the IT group. At Aon, I believed, as did all of us, that CSC was being honest with their statements that our jobs were secure, that we had a great future. Yeah, right. 14 months later, 140 of fired so that cheap kids and a help desk in India would come into to provide CHEAPER,FASTER,BETTER service. And that was untrue too.

    • If you have indeed "moved on", isn't it time you stop posting on this particular message board?


      Clearly your former employer irked you to no end, and you somehow think you'll get some satisfaction by posting here.


      I'm on your side, actually, the whole outsourcing thing is ridiculous, but trying to get your pound of flesh on the VF board simply isn't going to work.

    • I don't think anybody cares for outsourcing, however, to take it personally and rail against the company who did it is pointless, and further, petulant.


      I'd much rather call the support center and speak to somebody who speaks coherent english. It's frustrating, when you can barely understand a word they say.


      However, as somebody with IT skills, it is YOUR responsibility to continue to further your own expertise and knowledge, so that if you get outsourced, there are other opportunities avaialable to you.


      My brother in law has been offered jobs in 4 different firms in the past year at nearly six figures. Clearly, in spite of outsourcing, there is a need for IT individuals.


      So rather then dwell on a company you feel wronged you, move forward with your life.

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