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  • anlist anlist Feb 24, 1999 11:59 AM Flag

    VF continues to Outperform

    VF continues to outperform the related industry
    but also continues to take the punishment for the
    poor results of the likes of FTL,Levis,Russel and
    Starter. Anybody Know why the analysts dont have a more
    favorable view of a stock that consistently trades at 13
    times earnings?

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    • From the standpoint of an economist, VF is a
      producer of 'inferior goods' that is they are not the
      first name people associate with, for instance, blue
      jeans. That recognition goes to Levi Straus the
      'superior goods' manufacturer. In economic downturns people
      replace superior goods with inferior goods. In upturns
      the cost of a pair of blue jeans is not important.
      Very few people associate the corporate name VF Corp
      with the brands they manufacture. I wonder do the
      analysts wear Wrangler jeans or Levis jeans ?

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      • First of all an economist looks at supply and
        demand not a marketing or psychological term such as
        'inferior'. Nike is the superior brand in athletic footwear
        under your definition and they have been struggling for
        a while. K-Swiss doesn't come to mind first, but
        they are growing at a rapid rate.
        If Levi was only
        in the jean business they would have laid off half
        there employees by now. There jeans business is off
        over 30% and not performing at retail. Dockers and
        Slates are keeping them afloat. They even plan on
        selling more casuals than jeans this year. It doesn't
        matter if consumers relate the varioius brands back to
        the VF parent. The important aspect is that they view
        Jansport, Jantzen, Wrangler, LEE, Vanity Fair, Healthtex,
        etc. as quality products at a fair price. Who owns
        Hanes and who cares? VF is not after the trendy, and
        fickle young fashion oriented customer as there base.
        They want the mass market and have done well to
        service it. They are the largest publicly held apparel
        corp. They continually look to bring new brands into
        the fold under aquisitions. For long term constant
        growth this stock is a winner. And if you want to see
        something stange go to a rodeo and see what jeans they are
        wearing. 100% market share across the middle of the

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