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  • vintagelance vintagelance Jul 26, 2003 11:17 AM Flag


    Does anyone have any more information on Conagra, and what they could bring to the table?

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    • Dear Bleeding:

      The answer to your question is 68,000 lost accounts totalling $29 million in sales.

      Hope this helps.

      The Nutbutter

    • Please ask someone how many accounts and how many MILLIONS of dollars of sales Lance is going to LOSE due to the re-engineering (consolidating) of Pittsburgh.

      P.S. Don't ask the new DSM...He doesnt have a clue.

    • >>>The $ that they stopped at was $20.00<<<

      Who need's little accounts!?! Or, the Golden Goose Line? For that matter, profit's...just continue to pay out more dividends than you, that is the CTC's managemnt sytle...or, did everyone forget the "Same" thing happen around 1996!?! History repeating itself!

    • The $ that they stopped at was $20.00 and everyone's route was to be around $4,000.00. Now that was based out of HQ so they didn't take into account that some of these store had buyin's of very large quanities. Even if the BM or Salesreps told the DSM or HQ they didn't want to listen to them. No 40% of the work force didn't quit. I think that we all talked about it or is looking for other jobs at this time. Don't have anything else for you.

    • >>>I'm sure there long term focus would be to capture every conveinence store...after restructing.....It would take some time and much focus though..<<<

      Dumb question, where are they going to get the money to grow with? Next, do you really think that the competition is going to let that happen? Next, the CTC can't even get the Brand Name Sales to level out let along grow! Next, check out the Wal Mart increases...where would the CTC be without that growth and trust me; watch Wal-Mart's commerial's...cut prices!!!!! Next, who is getting all the business that Lance is "GIVING" away? Are they going to give it back? Not going to happen. It is like a snow ball...Lance giving away business, getting smaller and the competition getting larger and will STEAMROLL LANCE IN TIME.

    • Toastcheemaster, do your homework...they did that at the end of 1995 and have been doing it ever since...had 2,300 routes before the end of 1995 now, !?!...they are "Downsizing" on a regular basis! Brand Name Sales have been on the decline for "YEARS"... They are just trying to bide time until they are either broke or some fool(not many large fools left) buys my opinion they have had offers, but on the small side.

    • Sunshine....without knowing the short term strategy...and the long's easy to make judgement calls without being in the drivers seat.......I'm sure there long term focus would be to capture every conveinence store...after restructing.....It would take some time and much focus though..

    • Sunshine, That one I like!!!!!!!!!!

    • >>>What $ level customer did they stop service to?<<<

      The CTC will never learn will they? Someone called me stupid recently...maybe, they should do a little research and see who is really stupid.

      The competition says, "THANK YOU". Stop working accounts that don't charge for slotting and start working one's that do...great for profits and brand name recognition...

      Putting all their eggs in a few baskets...what is going to happen if they lose Wal-Mart or some other large account whether it be Brand Name or Private Label...and, don't say that it will not happen...

      The route cuts look good on paper but in the "real" world more accounts and brand name sales will be lost...check what has happen since the "same" type of planning in 1995-1996.

      And, in my opinion the company is becoming less and less valuable. Any thoughts?

    • BTW- at the end of this year (in the 10K) the smaller one should be reflected in the short-term (current) debts as it is due in less than 12 months.

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