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  • sunshine_man101 sunshine_man101 Jan 29, 2004 5:44 PM Flag

    Inside the numbers

    >>>For the 52 weeks ended December 27, 2003, net income was $18.3 million or $0.63 per share, on a diluted basis, compared to net income of $19.9 million or $0.68 per share in the same period last year. Net sales and other operating revenue were $562.5 million for the 52 weeks ended December 27, 2003, compared with $542.8 million for the same period last year.<<<

    REVENUE, 2003 revenue $562.5, 2002 $542.8, 2001 $582.906 for a minus of about $20 million from 2001...will they work against true revenue figures for 2004 from 2003 or will there be a revenue drop for 03 at the last minute!?!

    DEBT...check out fourth quarter

    Then, third quarter...

    Property plant and equipment, net deserves a look also.

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    • Boy oh boy do they. have you checked out the new men's underware on the top shelf of the lance display at the fast stop store? houston seems to be on top of thier business. customers discontinued calling in because of no response. one told me they were told from the houston office lance was no longer chip business. this was a long time customer (20 years). Never in my life have i seen anything look more bleak.

      every customer that has handled lance products has had someone call on them and sell them on the line. then for these years of blood sweat and tears go down the drain for no reason other than bad management is totaly uncalled for. it may be that the powers to be just don't care about the west any longer. if so why don't they just pull out instead of lingering on and giving lance a tarnished image as they are?

      seen a nice display in a first class convenience store full of apples, bananas, grapes, potatoes, and onions. asked where the lance man went, replied that they have not seen one in over six months. he said he called several times for service and no response.

      where do they go from here?? like a ship without a rudder. no direction. they will drift in a hurricane and sink soon. if the stock goes up it will be a accident.

      what would happen if things were taken care of as they should be?? stock would be back in the 40s where it should be. Sorry, probably wont happen in our time.

    • Lostvendor, I have a question. Is Lance handling a lot of new products. In the Houston district I have seen new looking 36 inch displays full of Disney Movies in a Kroger store. I have seen a 36 inch display with only a empty nut shelf on top with T-Shirts hanging on it for sale. I have seen displays full of BoBs Texas style chips. I have seen more displays than I can count with nothing at all on them. I am not a disgruntled ex-employee. I am just wondering why all of this is happening. I live in the NW part of the district and I see a lot of past years hard work and selling gone down the drain and I am curios as to what has happened. MAYBE THE NEW DSM---HUH?????

    • It appears to me that the VP Sales is falling into the same trap that many ex-Frito employees do. They will go to another company; buy space to compete with Frito, blead the company dry and then they are gone with their pockets full of money...

      >>>The allowance for rebates as of the end of 2003 and 2002 were $0.9 million and $0.7 million, respectively. Shelf space allowances are capitalized and amortized over
      the lesser of the life of the agreement or one year and are recorded as an offset to revenue. Capitalized shelf space allowances are evaluated for impairment on an ongoing basis.<<<

      The CTC has been killed in Brand Name Sales for years; went to private label, contract business to try and keep the factories running to only see the GM down several points in the last five years...along with the revenue drop, brand name sales drop, I don't see anything getting better anytime soon. They can continue to downsize, work the books for a few more years and bleed the company from the inside out. Check out their bonuses for last year...and, for what?

      >>>Other factors impacting results of operations in 2003 compared to the prior year include increased incentive provisions of $4.2 million for hourly, sales and salaried employees offset somewhat by reduced salaries and wages. Incentive provisions are based on various performance measures. Many of these measures were not achieved in 2002 which accounts for the increase in 2003 compared to 2002. The reduction in salaries and wages resulted primarily from the workforce reduction that occurred in February 2003.<<<

      >>>Gross margin as a percent of revenues declined 0.8 points primarily because of unfavorable product and customer mix and increased commodity costs.<<< ONE YEAR DROP.

      GM in 1999 54%!!!!!! 2003 47.9%.

      See what getting that revenue dropped by 40 million in 02 did for 03...GO TEAM LANCE! Salem, does your family ever feel like their pockets are being picked clean?

    • Fact
      lnce total revenue does not exceed fritios ad budget!! Should have held on to mick?
      there is about 3 good ol boys left! Do you know who they are???
      if there is only 1,300 rtes left that means y'all will have to get out of bed and on the rte before 8am
      y'all have a true dsd genius now in the east pay attenion to him and grow your business.
      y'all should be on your knees thanking the ctc.

      vp looks like a rte driver

      if you are up that high in corporate usa you need to look the part. When you walk in the room people should identify you as a leader

      not a rte guy


    • Man did you hit the nail on the head about looper. glad to see someone out there knows his tricks. he ended a fair number of carrears and cost lance an untold number of dollars with his gifted underhanded shiftyness. Very fruitless and only cares about himself.

      does houston ever have a problem. as long as the dixi twins are in charge there it will always be a problem. big i little u that is their game. Again no one but no one really cares what happens in houston with the exception of some of the branch managers. gabbert put his man in place before he left and set houston up for self distruction. it will happen in time.


      They Must Look Good�
      They Must Smell Good�
      They Must Taste Good�

      That is only a partial list of guaranteed success� nevertheless, Lance, LLC. has, and is working under an unfortunate stress, �New Recipes.�

      For some reason beyond all common sense, they have decided to �tweak� the recipes, to become more health conscious/friendly�

      In plagiarizing a popular phrase by �Emeril, Pork Fat Rules��

      Reminds me of an old phrase I have used for many years�

      (�Deal with the Rich Folks, and Live Like the Poor Folks, Deal with the Poor Folks, and Live Like the Rich Folks��)

      The management at Lance, LLC. has forgotten/decided to do away with a recipe of success, for a recipe of falling below ordinary standards of the past�

      If management would STOP, and look at the success of the past, and analyze that, they may have found a new/old recipe of success my Grandfather and his management crew put in force�


      Welcome...its seems that many people don't want to talk about facts:) What's the deal? Never seen V.P. Sales...only read about him and looked at his results since he showed up at Lance to help them out with the VanI's money.

      It appears that the good old boys may be down to around 1,350 routes at year's end? Your well on the EPS, revenue, etc. It will be interesting to watch the CTC in the future as it has in the recent past. DSD may be a thing of the past with Lance.

      I wish that I could be a fly on the wall when a female talks to the CTC:)))

    • Sunshine_man101 not only am i a dsd genius iam an attorney as well.
      if you cannot have some fun in life wy live it
      you will only receive factiual info on lnce from the wholesomprincess. If ya'll haven't figured it out yet i am a disgrunteled shareholder who knows all the inside info

    • Wholesome Princess, you may want to watch your back, sides, front...probably,the yahoo message board sheriff will be after you along with others...I may suggest to you to document everything and be looking for an attorney just in case you need one? Trust me, crazier things have happen.

      Good Luck!

    • Woman, run a district? Don't you know the entire name of Lance...HOUSE OF LANCE. Does that mean anything to you from yeteryear's?

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