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  • baller05glove baller05glove Jul 27, 2004 1:47 PM Flag


    I got one for you this is what we have been
    told 1)A 10 year sales rep for example who
    has gotten sales growth and his customers like
    him.His truck is no longer in service and he
    can not afford to have it fixed.
    2)We have been told if this happens the rep
    has two options A)replace or fix the truck
    B)Or leave the company!! Now when this goes
    down Lance will hire a new rep and supply
    a truck is it just me or does this seem to
    be wrong.

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    • sunshin_man_101 take a trip:

    • Correction on the post #....

      Tell them like it is vlastadt! And you are is very sad when you have to come to the yahoo message board for someone to hear assured; Salem can't, won't, and will not help you...

      You see, you has to answer to Stroup! Don't you Salem?????

    • Salem, read are in denial...It seems that Nancy may not have seen things the way that you do...oh, we all know you can't see very well.

      You remind me of the school bully...then, one day some little kid knocks him down...he cannot believe it so he gets up again and the same kid knocks him down again...after awhile the bully gets the message. Will you ever learn about the CTC?????

      No, I don't make negative comments about most employees...the poor lower end people are caughting hell and you don't care...your only worry is the Hertiage thing and the dividend...did I cut your dividend 1/3? When I was there dividends was growing on a regualr basis...

      Also, why don't you bring some facts and figures to back up your CTC's performance!!??!!

    • The "vast majority" of BSM's and Reps contacted region. I�m sure "vast" is understood to be large, as in a LOT. If I were to paraphrase, I'd say "an intimidating number of mangers would be upset at the "wild accusations" so you better follow the chain of command to report your misperceptions regarding the DSM." Now, this is not what region actually said, but it's the old saying, "Perception is reality" that comes into play. The apparent inaction taken on survey results, roundtables, treatment and comments can be a source of hostility and frustration as many employees regarded the survey as a tool of empowerment and an opportunity to better their work environment. Yet, in our experience, the survey was followed up with a summary of results meeting (as if to say "we hear you) and little action, if any. HOWEVER, there was one branch that resulted in significant changes within a brief period of time, as his survey was overwhelmingly negative. Is this board a proper forum to raise the issue? I don't see it as improper, but in order to get action on the issue the employees have contacted the region with no improvement. I would NOT suggest asking why the RSM did nothing to improve the DSM. Reprisal is well known throughout the organization. My real point is simple, if the mangers agree and perceive such a thing is happening, there is likely an underlying problem. At the very least, a red flag should be raised for lack of trust in management and some action taken to restore trust. A dysfunctional team cannot possibly be truly successful, as it will never realize it's full potential under this DSM�S leadership.

    • >>>obviously, your backbone is as weak as an �Weeping Willow,�<<<

      AH, go ask your CTC how my backbone is!?! :))


      What have your EVER worked for?? If my memory serves me correctly...picture taking or something??? What work or job have you ever had in your entire life...except being a dividend baby.

    • >>>Do it the �Old Fashion Way, WORK FOR IT.�<<<

      :))))))))))))))) What do you know about work? Every dog has his day and your's is coming....If you could only see the CTC just laughing at you and the VanI's all the way to the bank...

      The next time to the Dr.; tell him that you took a 33 1/3% paycut and love it...see what he tells you!?! Please don't tell him that you still have the SAME top management...he may admit you to the hospital...

    • >>>Ignore him, and keep on doing your job, or;<<<

      That's eary for you to say THAINC! Under the VanI's leadership(or lack thereof); this is what employees are looking forward to each and every day... They are looking for two days...payday(little) and retirement(is anything is left from the Wall Street players).

      You may want to keep an eye on Wal-Mart...seems that they are making news these days...with over 18% of your revenue(and growing); I would be up to date on their doing...

      Keep an eye on that may sit on it(or have you several times/)...I heard a person ask someone one day: is that your age or IQ when they pointed one finger at someone? I think most people know the answer. Went to the Dr. recently and he told me that he has a son that is getting out of college and needs a job(does want a service contract)...should I refer him to Lance?

    • Specify, please.

    • with the dsm and his abusive treatment. what will be done?

    • >>>WASHINGTON - In an unprecedented overhaul of the nation's overtime pay rules, the Bush administration is delivering to its business allies an election-year plum they've sought for decades.<<<

      >>>Monday's change is the culmination of decades of lobbying by business groups representing retailers, restaurants, insurance companies, banks and others that have been hammered by workers' overtime lawsuits, many of them successful.

      Wal-Mart is facing dozens of worker lawsuits claiming they were cheated out of overtime and worked off the clock. An appeals court upheld a $90 million verdict against Farmers Insurance Exchange, sued for overtime by claims adjusters. Other companies that have made multimillion-dollar payouts include Starbucks, Radio Shack, Rite Aid and Bank of America.<<<

      When are the majority of the people going to ever going overseas, CEO pay up 15 to 20%, and, everything is being pushed to the low end workers who are not members of the companies clubs.

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