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  • toughcookie1957 toughcookie1957 Feb 22, 2005 5:32 PM Flag

    did you notice?

    Look at the insider info.......We are missing Paul, Frank, Clyde, ....They may have made a commitment to growth and profits.....Although I realize that focusing on div's will hurt growth investments. I cashed some out above $18...This will be an interesting year for Lance as it seems the bod is riding high and cashing out and holding some back for the next dip......Only time will tell....Are we developing Lance brand name to the next generation or are we looking for a quick buck now and worry about the next "kin" later.....I'm a strong believer in the Lance products but 20 years from now will anyone know the Name?

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    • >>>The Company�s Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated February 8, 2002, restricts payment of cash dividends and repurchases of its common stock by the Company if, after payment of any such dividends or any such repurchases of its common stock, the Company�s consolidated stockholders� equity would be less than $125,000,000. At December 25, 2004, the Company�s consolidated stockholders� equity was $198,715,000.<<<

      It seems that CYA is the theme of the day on this 10K...Wal Mart, vending, dividends, private label, outstanding shares, etc....

      Do it CTC!

      You don't want to go to a courtroom with someone after you...Lance is OK; but, not yourself...protect those gifts.

    • >>>It appears that trading of LNCE was HALTED for a while on Friday with a Headline to that effect on Yahoo...<<<

      You can run; but, you can't hide...

    • It appears that trading of LNCE was HALTED for a while on Friday with a Headline to that effect on Yahoo...but, today that Headline is goneeeee...what's wrong CTC? A little press release that you didn't like!?!

      Go Team Lance...

      Salem, has Lance trading ever been stopped in the past? Your management team hard at work...YES, YES, their motto.

      Just like I mentioned seems that the only thing that the CTC understands is a courtroom...

      >>>The Company�s decision to distribute certain of its products through its route sales system resulted in the termination of certain independent distributors, some of which have asserted claims against the Company. In 2003, one of the distributors filed a civil action for an unspecified amount of damages which was resolved in mediation in January 2005.<<<

    • >>>because SS taxes not only pay benefits of current retirees, but they also pay for disability insurance and for support of children and spouses of workers who die.<<<

      :) It's funny to sit and watch how the preception of things are and the facts.

      State Worker's Comp. are sooo bad now that Corporation's are relieved of their responsiblly to injured worker's and their family's...the picture has been painted bleak for the, the injured has no where to go except to the Social System...costing who; YOU,the taxpayer while corporation's profits soar along with CEO's salary and bonuses.

      Corporations are no worried about you or this country...shipping jobs oversea's, etc...

      All I hear that there will be only 2 to 3 workers per retiree... well, quit sending the jobs elsewhere and here's the BIG ONE...

      What about the 20 million illegal imgrates in the country working...add those to the SS payees and what would happen!?! That is the pop. of New York State!!!!!!!!! Cheap labor for who? Rich people and CORPORATIONS(Wal Mart etc.)! Who else hires them...not your low income or middle income taxpayers...

      The average worker(taxpayer) needs to wake up and smell the roses...

    • If you would go back and read the original Social Security INSURANCE act as it was set up, you would understand why those caps were put in place.
      They were originially put in place because it was believed that no-one should pay more in taxes into the program, than they could be expected to receive back in payments. Hence a cap was put in place to ensure that no-one was taxed more than the assumed return would be.
      Obviously, some people, those on that like the government as a parent, want to change this.

    • This ctc crowd is about useless. Just write offs for vending machines, poopers, realgning routes,options, overcompensation of executives, now bonuses and golden parachutes.
      i hope stroup jumps from the plane and his parachute does not open.
      the founders would kick some ass if they were alive. The heirs have no balls to stand up even though they own 11,000,000 shares. Salem iii whare are you???. The bells are tolling.
      the stock is headed to 11.00 soon and will ba a probable 9.00 before long. Then i will feel like buying again at half price. This used to be a 25.00 stock and paid .96 a share.

      have it your way. I am very light on lnce at this time but this is americas company just like krispy kreme which is another favorite.

    • This program should be allowed to fail. Socialists have promoted this mostrosity. Now economics will prove us right. The young of america are going to press for a change. Your so called contribution is gone bye bye.

    • If this is your POV, amoung the other double-wide comments you have made, then you deserve your $5.25 per hour and obviously have no desire to improve your lot in life.

    • >>>Or, if the cap on earnings taxed was raised from $90,000 a year to $140,000 it would take care of about 40% of the shortfall.<<<

      What is your opinion on doing away with the cap totally? That seems like the fair thing to do...

      I have to say; the old saying the rich get richer couldn't be more evident than with Bush. And, yet the US is one of the lowest or the lowest industrial nation on saving's...I can't imagine why...income level % is down during his tenure...go figure.

      I appreciate your information...people with kids and grandkids that are not rich need to wake is all common sense...use it!

      Another little tit bit...

      >>>Debate about the bill continued Thursday, with the Republican-controlled Senate refusing to limit consumer interest rates to 30%. The vote was a bipartisan 74 to 24 to kill a proposed amendment by Sen. Mark Dayton (news, bio, voting record) (D-Minn.). Senate passage of the bill is expected next week.<<<

      30% is not enough!!!!!!! Can you see why some people cannot pay their credit card bills...what a scam!!!!!!!!

      Legalize stealing; wouldn't you say? Rich get richer...

    • Interesting comment......

      >>>L. Rudy Gragnani
      Vice President, Information Systems<<<

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