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  • sunshine_man101 sunshine_man101 Aug 1, 2008 2:54 PM Flag

    CC, Idiots-Stupid, Smart....


    Just a few notes:

    One of the chorus stated that private label did not compete with Brand Name:)) Let's see, Wal-Mart, probably Lance's largest HP, WHO MAKES WAL MART'S PRIVATE LABEL SANDWICH LINE?? Tha!

    I like the lady caller that called Singer-Chorus on the so-called improvements that they have made...when she asked about the 13 million increase this quarter from price increases...take that away and they have DONE NOTHING...:)))) It was so funny to hear them BACK TRACK...

    All they wanted to talk about was the combination of the three locations to two in Canada...cost over run's, etc. Made such a big deal about it...then, when pressured they finally stated that the locations are SMALL...Hey, Salem, if they cannot do any better job than that with all of those V.P.' do you expect them to run the rest of the company???:)))))

    Ball"LESS", who is an idiot and who is not? I presume that you purchase Lance, 8-count at $2.00 on sale at Wally World(regular $2.29 for now)...Austin 12-count $1.67...tha!:)))) It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out...time will tell on these price increases and unit movement... Singer-Chorus get the big bucks as they are suppose to have foresight...well, time will tell if they can see or if they are BLIND...

    When, common sense win's out with the customer(money continues to tighten up)...can you say screwed.

    81 million and counting...oh, for the days of debt free and 500 million in the bank!

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