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  • chl7s chl7s Feb 12, 2009 7:36 PM Flag

    route restructure?

    Ok stock holders heres the way to to save millions and increase the profits pass there 10 in 2010.. Would you speak up in the stock holders meeting if you knew a way to increase the company profits?? i would hope so, so here is the way...
    it's very of simple. You take this reorg team that we have and get them to really dig in and go to work..
    1st, they need to find out who can drive and park their trucks home and i mean home, not down at the win dixie or the parking lot thats just a block away, i mean home, in thier yard. This way you have created an employee that will more then likely stay employed then someone that has to drive 10 to 20 miles a day just to start to get ready to go work..
    2nd, then you have the reorg team make his/her route around their house, 1 stop up the street, 2nd stop around the block, it's saves so much gas, wear and tear on the trucks, saves time where the sales rep can give that extra umph to their stores, and if plan right they could increase that 80 stop route to over 100.
    yes some sales reps will drive to pick up their trucks but just think about how many reps that have a secured yard!
    3rd, these home pack routes was a good idea back in the day to show publix that we're here to stay with good service, but with the gas cost it's time to move on and focus on cutting cost.. By no means we can not say we are done with publix,, it's going to take the bigshot himself, the king almighty, the number one uno to handle publix. To call a meeting with the big boys of publix to get most of us more space in the store. The big chief of lance has to stop sending the indian, which i'm sure he's doing what he can, but its not good enough when frito-lay has 40 foot section and the number one kettle chip cape cod has has a 3 bag facing. Something has to change. Hey chief try inviting carol on one of your sailing trips, make her you guest of honor of one of your high class parties. Your indian has no more arrows, it's time for you chief to bring the peace pipe and have a good down to earth pow-wow with carol..
    4th, give the sales rep a new title to sale route manager and more power of who we like to keep as moms and pops. For example, i've been trying to dump this one store for 6 friging years that has a 27 dollar average, it's frigging crazy.. i get told can't drop it because the customer numbers have to keep all the customers we have.. Well for us sales reps if we could manage our own routes we would weed out these 2 dollar and 60 cent accounts and have much more time to replace these rat holes, which comes back to a happier sales rep, which in turns makes him more money andstays employed with lance, which cuts the cost of hiring a new sales rep, which makes the company more money and you the stock holders too.. Sales route manager!
    5th,, have the promo designers to come up with a smaller cape cape display these 4 foot squares are just to wide. Knock off a foot and make it 4 bag deep. That just a liitle deal that i just threw in... The greatest deal about the promo displays is that we get stock rooms full when promo comes around.. I willl have 1 store on promo and i will get 10 displays, no lie!
    right now i must have 30 displays, i would say about 600 pounds of cardboard and i'm sure i will get a few more when promo happens again.. After all my years here thats the number one waste that could be stop so easy, but it's like talking to the wall, in this case i should say talking to wood and i do talk to the cardboard when i trying to work around the piles of it..
    well, enough said for now, the main thing i just wanted to comment to you stock holders is the way they could set these routes up... Speak up at your stock holders meetings..

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