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  • potatochipla potatochipla Feb 17, 2011 7:31 PM Flag

    Heart wrenching for LNCE

    With commodities and fuel skyrocketing, I don't see sunny skies ahead.

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    • I'm an I/O for Snyders. It sure stinks out there. Superbowl week felt like an average week for me. Not sure about Lance, but Snyders sales are downnnnnnnn. 10 percent unemployment + high gas prices + high food prices = end game

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      • Bad timing when you include the merger of the combined companies.

        LNCE stock price will return to pre-merger price of 16.

        Glad I did not touch LNCE at 23-24; now its down <20, and back to pre-merger price is a value play.

        If divvy ever eliminated or reduced...bad news.

      • Just curious, Where is your territory?
        Also, i advise to be careful of any specifics you post regarding the route or items that could be consider 'insider', even in a broad sense. I mean this generally and only for your best interests, not related to any specific comment.
        Snyder's was not public before, but it is now, and that creates a new set of rules and regs.

        I hope your route begins and continues to take off like wildfire.

        I see only good things with this merger, the product lines beginning to be shared, the emerging from the recession at some point, the purchased commodity futures and the increase in advertising new products such as cape cod, archway and grande chips.

        It takes time. This will be a 2+2 = 6. It will take a few years, but the dividend is consistent and 3% and the price PE is low. It's a nice safe growth investment and an easy return. Don't over think it.

      • Do you like being an IO?

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