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  • isnack99 isnack99 Sep 4, 1999 1:13 PM Flag

    Core Values

    I applaud Salem Van Everys' attempt to bring back
    the family values of Lance and the past growth that
    has been associated with such. He is astute in his
    observation, the new management is not making this happen.
    Instead,they are undermining the very core philosophy of
    Lance; we believe in developing our personnel to their
    maximum potential in a climate that creates a high degree
    of employee morale.

    It would seem that the
    Sales Department has become more of a Pepperidge Farms
    family than a Lance family. Mick Sidari, Senior Vice
    President of Sales and Marketing, seems to hold much of the
    board almost spellbound with his charismatic style.
    Yet, after more than a year at Lance, he has failed to
    uphold his promises of double-digit growth. It would
    seem that he has spent the bulk of his time and energy
    building a dynasty of Pepperidge Farm rejects. The fact is
    that Mick Sidari himself and his entire entourage of
    Pepperidge Farm personnel were relieved from their positions
    at Pepperidge Farms for one reason or another.
    Sidari would have all believe that his is the team that
    doubled PF sales in five years. If they were that great,
    then why were they all let go?

    One would think
    that Sidari would utilize the many years of experience
    and knowledge available to him through the many
    veteran employees he has at his disposal. Instead he
    appears to focus more time and effort on replacing these
    veteran personnel than on learning from them. It is truly
    a shame to watch someone cast aside such valuable
    assets in a vain attempt for personal gain. This is not
    the Lance way. Not the company that once encouraged
    it's employees to be model citizens.

    Only when
    Mr. Van Every is successful in bringing back the core
    values of Lance, will it again be a strong and
    successful, people oriented company.

    Does anyone else
    see through Sidari?

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    • I agree, the past display of inappropriate babble
      belongs on the Jerry Springer Show. Either a disgruntled
      employee or someone shorting the stock decides that a
      so-called anonymous forum like an internet bulletin board
      is the safest way to bring down a good company.
      Positive or negative, I do not care. But ladies and
      gentlemen lets stick to the business fundamentals on this
      site and leave the unfounded rumors in the break room.

    • Or atleast act like it. This whole message board
      is an embarrassment to me and for lance. Here we are
      starting all kinds of rumors about sexual harassment, and
      people not knowing how to do their jobs. Can you all
      please get some anonymous internet email addresses and
      argue and torment each other that way instead of
      posting it on Yahoo for everyone in the world to see?
      Looking at some of the messages on this board makes our
      company look like we are all REDNECKS! Please, lets start
      showing the world that we are a strong �professional�
      company and keep our personal comments out of the view of
      the internet.

      A concerned


      A real live MBA at Lance...the
      developer of "Healthy Choice" no less! How long has he been
      hiding? This guy must be phenominal!
      him...sales will skyrocket! The answer is right before our
      eyes! Greg Venner for president!

      think we were duped! ChimChim probably IS Greg Venner
      tooting his own horn again!

    • Lance will be up to $60 a share by next friday! Coke is going to buy them to steal their new website layout! Buy it and weep.

    • In response to sound as if you
      are one of those Lance veterans who might be feeling
      a bit "left behind"? I am a dedicated Lance
      consumer who has followed this brand for years. I also
      follow the management. The beauty of a southern family
      company bathed in tradition is that tradition in itself
      of people first, profits second. Such incestual
      management style worked in the 50's and up until the early
      80's. This is now a fast paced, technology driven
      industry where mass merchandisers do the driving and the
      market is flooded with competitive product. It does not
      marry well with "seasoned staff" who are accustomed to
      8 to 5 and are not living and breathing the Brand
      24/7. This is now a 7am to 7pm job. Your calling out of
      Nick Sidari and Greg Venner is interesting. You must
      know them well. I guess you also noticed the change at
      Harris Teeter. Lance now has three times the shelf space
      as the competition, pushing Toms and Austins to the
      bottom rack? I believe the rep that achieved this came
      from Pepperidge Farm. These are benchmarks even Coke
      envys. The new management team is working as fast and
      efficiently as they can to turn this company around. If they
      are stepping on and over "veteran employees" ...well,
      that's because the veterans can't seem to keep up with
      what we are now approaching as the millennium. And as
      far as the moral of the route drivers...if the
      veterans really believed in developing their
      personnel..well...then why has there been such a turn over in the last
      10 years of route sales drivers. I believe in the
      last ten years, Mr. Venner was completing his MBA and
      launching a successful brand called Healthy Choice. But I
      am sure your pretzel logic will find a way to blame
      him and every other "outsider" for all the mistakes
      that are errupting after years of dormancy.

      • 3 Replies to chimchim6
      • "The new management team is working as fast and
        efficiently as they can"........ You can't be serious! Look
        at your facts, chimmy, it just ain't true. Unless of
        course, you're part of that incompetent team and there in
        lies the problem. Top management surrounds itself with
        its own approval while ignoring the responsible
        personnel. Talk about incestuous management style!
        also question your misguided support of this new team,
        the one that is" stepping on and over the veteran
        employees" because they can't keep up, keep up with who? The
        fast and efficient sexual harasser?

      • Equally as much as I sound like one of those
        "Lance veterans", you sound like the wife or mistress of
        one of those "outsiders". Your ignorance in regards
        to Lance tradition and the work ethics of those
        "Lance veterans" proves the limits of your knowledge
        regarding this once fine institution. My personal knowledge
        of this company and it's fine traditions date well
        back to Phil Van Every, a strong leader who better
        than tripled sales and profits during his active
        tenure. His foresight in property acquisitions, plant
        construction, departmental organization and yes tradition, far
        exceeded that of any leader the company has had since. He
        laid a foundation that allowed Lance to build
        tremendous cash reserves during a very prosperous time in
        the company's history. Those reserves continued to
        grow, as did Lance, for many years after Phil retired
        and later passed. Why, do you wonder? Because Phil
        and his predecessors believed in Lance, it's people
        and it's fine traditions. The fact is, those cash
        reserves allowed for the employment and spending habits of
        these "outsiders", who have now proven that they can
        spend, in just a few short years, what it took decades
        to accrue. Now that those assets are depleted, they
        are borrowing against the equity of Lance. Do you
        really mean to convince me these men are builders of a
        The Lance "veterans" I know are investors, not
        spenders. They have invested their time and energy into
        building people, who after all are the company. And no
        they are not accustomed to working 8 to 5. They eat,
        sleep and breath Lance 24 hours a day and most of them
        would probably bleed peanut butter if you cut them.
        Unfortunately these "veterans" are now few in numbers and even
        less in authority, thanks mostly to a company called
        Swander and Pace, more affectionately known as Swindle
        and Rape. But you probably don't know about their
        reports and recommendations as their damage was inflicted
        just before your beloved "outsiders" took charge. Time
        is now of the essence. It is running out for both
        the veterans and the outsiders. So where does this
        company go now? As I see it the outsiders are not really
        concerned and who could blame them. Their deep pockets are
        well lined with HUGE incentives and out right stock
        grants. The incentives are based on sales growth and
        since they could not seem to accomplish this task
        internally, they looked outward to the Canadian and Cape Cod
        acquisitions for the dollar volume growth to bring home the
        incentives. Are these truly good investments for Lance or
        just for the outsiders? The veterans have never had
        silver lined pockets. Their incentives have always come
        from sustaining profitable growth for Lance. Should it
        be any different for anyone else?Yes, we are in a
        fast paced technology driven industry where the market
        is controlled by the large chains, mass and grocery
        alike. But DSD has always been a sales and service
        business and that remains the same. My point is that it
        takes only one person to make a sale like you refer to
        with Harris Teeter. However, the execution of daily
        service may well involve a hundred or more personnel. If
        these service personnel are disgruntled, for any
        reason, then Lance will most definitely have an immediate
        service issue. The outsiders can not continue to dictate
        to and ignore a disgruntled field sales force. Fine
        southern traditions are like good manners;they never go
        out of style! It's time for Lance to re-visit the
        traditions for which their heritage was founded and create a
        few new traditions that revolve around keeping all
        employees satisfied and dedicated to a true team effort
        where all benefit equally from the company's success.

      • Add another name to the list of MBA's who have developed the "Healthy Choice" brand for ConAgra. One question...why would the person who developed "healthy Choice" still be at Lance?

    • "Lance--great way to showcase the entire day part
      rotation. I hope you
      trademarked this approach so your
      competiton doesn' t steal the same layout.
      And Koodos to
      your marketing staff for such a creative take on
      expiration. Can you make the photos at the top of the screen
      any clearer?"

    • Lance will be up to $15 a share by next fri.
      Buy it opr weep.

    • if you are to use the sacred llama nickname, you must first send for the sacred llama oath and decoder ring.



    • As Salem mentioned in an earlier post Lance grew
      until new upper management decided that there was a
      better way. "We need to take Lance from the fifties
      archaic style of thinking and convert this company into
      the modern 90's way of doing business". If a picture
      of Phil Van Avery or Pete Sloan eating lunch in the
      company cafteria with the "factory" workers or greeting
      each employee at shift change is archaic then the
      atomosphere of "family" is truly gone at Lance.

      this company grow under its current DSD system? Of
      course if you treat the route sales people like human
      beings and pay them a fair wage. As we know their cost
      at the territory level has risen to the point that
      even if they sell $4,000 per week they are living in
      poverty. What has been forgotten is the very core this
      company's way of doing business. We live on promoted
      dollars not every day business.

      Salem Please help!

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