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  • viroproholder viroproholder Jul 23, 2012 7:33 PM Flag

    Viropro website

    Just looked at viropro website, It no longer mentions claude but still say dr datar is CEO? Wonder what's going on? Yuzz for your own good please dont answer this with got an email or phone call.., because if viropro has fired claude they need to file an 8-k within 4 days! If someone from viropro has told you this is the case then you posess non-public material information until that 8-k is filed.

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    • The current line-up is Who's on first, What's on second, Cynthia is the CEO,
      Claude is out, Rajiv is out and there are 998,000,000 outstanding shares.
      Third base: I Don't Care; because the Spectrum deal looks like it's dead.

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      • I thought spectrum deal was overrated as following Sppi financial statements I have never seen a large amount of unexplained decrease in the amount of cash they had, not to say that Sppi deal being dead is good. Claude being gone is excellent news I wonder why the rush to get him off the website while leaving Rajiv on it? Or was claude the one who wanted off the website! They need to just get rid of the website as it looks like a joke with thier management comments on the front page! Obviously no marketing team at Vpro! Wonder what else I don't know but I am afraid to ask as apparently there has definetly been a release non public material info to yuzz! Yuzz claude has absolutely screwed you because you cannot trade until Vpro makes all this info public! I know you hate me but take my advice on this or even better contact your lawyer so that way you have professional advice as I am just an amateur! I hope Cynthia knows about compliance as sec investigation is going to be the next problem! I used to think good management teams were overrated! Obviously I was wrong!

    • Who's on first, get it

    • For people who are not experts on Spectrum: all of Spectrum profit comes from one drug, Fusilev. Last quarter 56 million revenue from Fusilev and almost all profit. Leucovorin is the generic equivalent that has been around 60 years and sells at 1% price of Fusilev. No clinical study has shown superiority. The main manufacturer of Leucovorin is Teva. Teva has not bothered to make much Leucovorin resulting in shortage of Leucovorin and fantastic sales of Fusilev.
      Teva plans to make Rituxan clone and Spectrum would be major competitor.
      If Teva decides to make a lot of Leucovorin the smart money figures sales of Fusilev plunge and Spectrum is back to $4 a share.
      If Teva doesn't increase sales Leucovorin, Spectrum has Fusilev revenue of 200 million year.
      estimation was 100 million revenue for Spectrum 2018 and there would be high manufacturing and promotion cost.
      See why I say Teva and Spectrum say "let's make a deal".

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      • Likely SPPI has a deal with Teva. But I am not sure.

        So you are saying SPPI agreed to drop the biosimilar work on Rituxan (which is part of SPPI is Zevalin treatment regime) for Teva dropping generic production of leucovorin which is competing with SPPI is current main drug Fusilev. Likely, but not so much straightforward.

        My thought is that given the challenges SPPI is facing with getting traction on Zevalin and the opportunity they have with Fusilev to take market share this year, they are putting on hold of Zevalin push - rituxan biosimilar as well as sales people moving to Fusilev.

        I believe SPPI will come back to rituxan biosimilar in a couple of years but for now they are on hold.

        Given SPPI is focusing on cancer treatment, there may be two other biosilimars from VPRO portfolio that SPPI may be interested
        - Trastuzumab for breast cancer
        - Bevacizumab for multiple cancers

        We will see how this develops in the next 6 months.

        VPRO PR said they are currently negotiating with various companies, hopefully something will materialize soon.

        Meanwhile filing the 10Q is a positive development.

    • does not let me finish it.

    • An officer being replaced or a contract not going through is absolutely material information and needs to be disclosed with the sec if you don't believe me google "when is a form 8-K required". With that said I think that because it's a pink sheet stock the company can get away with having a loose lip CFO. So because claude could never get us to full disclosure because unable to produce financials, the company can basically screw whoever they choose because they don't have to follow rules! Not sure just my opinion? The company is definetly not being honest and transparent. As long as they still own the plant malaysia the stock is worth a couple of cents. I still buy more, why not? It's just money!

    • Thanks yuzzvln for the response.

    • The Spectrum deal not going through is Catastrphic. For SPPI investors take the Apaziquone failure, the Belinostat failure multiply by 10 and you have the magnitude of just how bad it is. However Rowan is correct that since we are at rock bottom and selling at 20% value of assets; not far to fall.

    • These legalistic perspectives are not relevant to us.
      You usually email a company and ask for updates. You are not asking for insider information. I don't know what is your point in splitting hair over compliance. It is not our responsibility as investors. We are hungry for info and ask company to provide updates. That is a legitimate and legal thing to do.
      No investor ever had insider information. If we had insider info, we wouldn't be so deep in red.
      That is the kind of management we have to live with. The management basically suc-ks.